my son's sudden hearing loss...

He doesn't really have any hearing loss, not in the medical sense of the phrase but come on! When you hit two years old do you just tune out most of what your mom says or what? He actually, at one point, started telling me to go in the other room...as in "mommy go over there" when he wanted to do something he knew i had told him not to. Now he goes on the other side of our couch when I am feeding Avery to do whatever it is he wants to do...and when I ask him what he is doing I get silence, silence silence, until I have to use my "stern" voice and then he comes over to me, acting all innocent and says, "What mommy?" Cute, right? Riiiiiiiiiight. Anyway, he has new heights of not listening when it comes to Avery...as if I haven't told him, precisely 18 times before 7am that he cannot touch Avery's eyes...ever! But i'll say it approximately 2 million more times before the day is over. Such is life. We must always keep in mind, he is two, he is two, he is two...but he will not be two forever and there are such precious moments in all of this, I wouldn't wish it away. It's a complicated emotion:) "I create feelings in others that even they don't understand...ka-chow!" Love that movie, anyway, that's my thought for today. Pondering on the mind and motives of my two year old. Tomorrow...the moon.


first timer...

so i've joined the blogging universe. i'm not completely sure what i'll say here or if it will be very interesting to anybody but me and...well me:) but, who knows, i'll give it a whirl. so we just had a new baby in our family and she is amazing...what a cute little bundle of love. i'm still in that hazy period where my clothes don't fit, somedays (read: most days, at this point) i wear my pj's all day and barely get my teeth brushed, but i'm loving it. some days are hard as any mom will tell you because my son is still two years old and he still wants undivided attention but at the end of the day it's all good, because he says things like, "mom you're my friend!" which is so freaking sweet it hurts! so yeah, we are doing alright.

i welcome you all to my blog and say, post away and enrich my life!