crafty crafts...

i mentioned before that i made some shirts for Father's Day this year...these are 3 of them...

a la Jim Gaffigan...if you haven't listened to the Hot Pocket bit by Jim Gaffigan, do yourself a favor and listen to it now!!!so funny!

this is an inside family joke....

this was for Kendall's Grandpa, he does indeed own his own golf cart, in case you were wondering

i made some new Fourth of July decorations this year...this topiary was inspired by these

this was a Pick Your Plum deal, as was the "summer" below...lots of fun!

i made the kids shirts for the 4th again this year...i wanted to try out this technique i had seen, where you paint the design on and then dye over it. our shirts started out white, i painted the white and red on, and then dyed them. i like how they turned out, this picture above is before it was washed, the blue lightened up quite a bit, and next time i need to wait some days in between the painting and the dyeing...it was making the paint come off a bit when i had it in the hot hot dye bath but i think it adds to the rustic/worn shirt look. we'll pretend i was going for that, instead of doing it last-ish minute which is my M.O. (modus operandis)

i had a custom order from a friend of my SIL who wanted a few binky leashes, and i thought, "well if i'm going to make some i might as well make lots" so i made 70+! once i started pulling out fabric and cutting it, it got kind of addictive since they don't take much fabric and are a fun way to accessorize a baby:)  Just need to sell them now huh?:) pretty eye candy though.

my SIL's friend also wanted a carseat cover...

some burp cloths...(nice photo bomb by Cam above) (i started making these with a curve to fit your shoulder, i love them!)

and a diaper/wipe clutch....

all of which took me far longer than it normally would have...hmmmm....i wonder why??

oh yeah, i have a baby!
how did she go from this
(on her blessing day, she was 2 weeks old)

to this amazing, funny, hot mess of a girl who will be 8 months old on thursday the 18th and who got her first 2 teeth within the same week last week, and now can army crawl!!!
watch out! she is a fast roller and now with the army crawl thrown in, no small toy/stray thread/whatever-you-left-on-the-floor is safe!

i was taking a shower yesterday and she found a friend in the mirror! i love it when they start discovering mirror friends!!! (and i love it when i get to take a shower! ha!! moms will understand that huh?)


8 is Great!!

The Firstborn. What a hard job that must be! I am last born in my family, so I wouldn't know, but I sure am glad we have this Ethan boy as our firstborn child.  He is pretty awesome!  He sets a great example (most of the time;) and is compassionate and loving.  Our not-so-little man turned 8 on July 2 and we are looking forward to his baptism on the 20th of this month!

He still asks me to take pictures of him

He loves his dad A LOT and is a snuggler

He is a FISH and has always loved the pool. He swims very well independently now.  

He is a GREAT big brother.

Birthday morning

Cupcakes at Nana's on the 4th of july

He just looks old in this picture...how does this happen?

He loves Goldfish:)

Sibling Love

Ethan is so sweet with Cam.  The other day she reached out to grab his shirt and started chewing on it and i said, "don't let her chew your shirt!" and he said, " i don't want to make her sad mom!" then she grabbed his shorts:)
He is a fast reader, he has a quick mind, and his memory is crazy good!!!  We just love him tons and are so blessed to have him in our family!!!