Hey remember when I used to write on this blog? Yeah, me neither.  It's just crazy how life wraps around me and speeds me away, it's been so long since I wrote! Cam is 18 months old now, gaining words everyday and is a firecracker, but very sweet:)  The bigger kids are done with school....that sure went fast!!!  Next year we'll have a 1st grader and a 3rd grader! Blake will miss the cut off for Kinder because his birthday is Halloween, but I am actually fine with that. I need some kids home right??:)
(last day of school for my kids...)
We were able to take a fantastic vacation just recently to Disneyland, it was so amazing! We have never been, if you can believe it! And we have been talking about going for at least 2 years. We decided to do it now, because we are having another baby (i know right? it's a boy:) And baby is due in September.  If we didn't go now, then the next non-peak time (meaning a few less people so we weren't SOOOOO overwhelmed) would be around when baby is due and that wouldn't work and I knew having him in rather than out of me would be infinitely easier at a place like Disney, so we took the kids for their last week of school. They missed the last 4 days but they didn't seem to mind:)

Disneyland is really one of the few places that lives up to all the hype, it was amazing!  Kept in great condition, there were always people cleaning up little messes so it looked beautiful.  They do a great job of having things for younger and older kids to do.  The rides are engaging and tell a story, so they appeal to all ages, baby to adult.

(ethan was the last kid picked to be a padawan at the jedi training academy...whew! glad he got picked!)
We rented a house while we were there, instead of staying in a hotel, it was about the same price, and we had a kitchen and laundry, and the kids had their own rooms they could go to to sleep. It was a very nice arrangement. i liked that aspect quite a bit:) We did have to drive to Disney everyday and pay to park, but we were ok with that.

I am so thankful we were able to go! It was beautiful weather, at least 15 degrees cooler than AZ, and we got to reconnect with some friends that we haven't seen in a while.  We were able to take the kids to the beach, and I realized not only was it Camryn's first trip to the beach, but also Blake's and Avery's as well.  We took Ethan when I was pregnant with Avery but I do not believe we've been back since then! Crazy!!!

The kids really did amazingly well with all the waiting and lines and such.  We all got a little sunburned at the beach, but they had a blast playing!!!

As much as I loved this trip, I also really enjoyed coming home, to our own little bit of chaos, and seeing all the people I like the very best spending time together in our home.  The sight and sounds of them playing together make me so happy and make all the difficult parts of family life worth it.  They really do love each other and we were able to make some great memories together:)