7 months old...

i can't even believe that we are dealing with a 7 month old little man. it's crazy. the time is galloping by. it needs to stop. blake is such a sweet boy. he's going through a rough patch with teeth i believe, and a stuffy nose that won't quit...methinks the two are related. he is such a babe, i love him to pieces.

as i love the other two as well:)

this is ethan with his sweet preschool teacher jenny. she was wonderful with the him and the whole class...he had a blast in her classroom!

and to the recent stomach bug that has come to our home...

PLEASE LEAVE! haven't we had enough sickness already to last us until next sick season? can't you just leave the children in peace? also the adults because last time i had that nastiness i wanted to lay down on the couch and die. and that's not easy to do with three people who can't even get their own juice!

avery and ethan had almost simultaneous throwing up incidents last night...hopefully they are well on the way to not doing that again tonight! it seems promising. and if the baby gets it, i am coming after you, elusive stomach sickness! watch your back!

(and these pictures were taken before the camera decided to give up the ghost...it really is dead. i tried with different batteries and everything! *sigh*)


it's 11 pm...

and i should totally be in bed. but i just am not. why? i am avoiding for some reason. my camera won't turn on. it's not really surprising, that camera used to be my mom and dad's...we've had it for avery's whole life and some of ethan if i remember rightly...and the parents had it for several years before that...it's done it's duty but much like Alice (the honda of yore that Fin replaced) we will miss it if it doesn't turn back on.

(and than you so much for all the well wishes for my birthday! i love you guys!)

i had a super "thrift" experience this last week. we were on our morning walk and you know how people just put things outside their house if they don't want it and they hope someone else will pick it up? (or it's waiting for that special thursday in gilbert where they will pick up anything that's on the curb and take it to the dump) well we saw four chairs in good condition on our walk one day. we had several things to do that day so we didn't get to go pick them up immediately. in the intervening time i was perusing craigslist.com (which i was and still am doing obsessively because i must find a bench for my table!) but this time i was looking for a bookshelf for avery's room and ended up finding one to replace the one i found for the living room. so then the one in the living room could go in avery's room and the small one in avery's room could go in blake's room. the great organizational shuffle. anyway, i went to pick up the "new to us" bookshelf and on the way back i thought..let's just see if the chairs are still there. (you almost forgot about the chairs amidst my ramblings huh?) and they were! and the owners of the house were outside as well and so i said, "are you giving these chairs away?" to which the kind woman replied, "yes, you take them!" awesome! and then she gave us a cooler too! i wish i could take a picture of the cooler and chairs because the chairs are all different colors! and the cooler is pink, teal and yellow. it's so awesome! the chairs are (one each) purple, green, teal, and yellow. they will not stay those colors. and they have a cushion/upholstered seat which will not be staying in it's current state either. but hey, free is free you know! we have a table on our back porch waiting to be redone...i am excited because kendall got me sander for my birthday! yahoo! along with an awesome new sewing book! what a great husband! if the camera situation improves i'll get pics up soon...if not...well we'll have to wait until i buy a new one i guess:)



i am to the point where i have to think what year i was born and what year this is to figure my age...just because i don't have to write it down on forms all the time or say it to people all the time. but today...i am 28! yahoo! and i don't feel any different than when i was twenty. that's how it goes huh?

so in honor of that...here are 28 things you never needed or wanted to know about me:

1. i like to be crafty but time and children often makes it so i can't.
2. i didn't learn how to sew (which is a big part of myself) until i was in my third year in college.
3. i did reptile shows at the Bean museum at BYU one semester...and then i took care of the snakes and lizards with another girl...what was i thinking?
4. i really like chips.
5. i don't like the snow.
6. i don't to be cold (see #5)
7. i like to nap
8. i like it when my children nap:)
9. i really, and i mean really, like to look at and buy school supplies
10. i met kendall when i was 15 (so this makes 13 birthdays that he's been around:))
11. i was on the dance team in high school for two years
12. i used to do gymnastics until i dislocated my knee and then i ended up in physical therapy for 2 years
13. i was born at 30 weeks (i always call my mom and thank her for getting me here on my birthday:))
14. i like routine.
15. #14 may be the BIGGEST understatement i've made today!
16. my sister erin calls me flarnk
17. i have never been out of the U.S.
18. i cannot keep plants alive very well
19. i make my children's baby food
20. i like to look at decorating ideas and dream big:)
21. i didn't get my driver's license until i was in college (i was 18)
22. i got my first speeding ticket last week (darn speed cameras and kendall's new car!)
23. i don't like to wear shoes (consequently my heels look horrid!)
24. i really like Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan...hilarious guys!
25. i love to bake
26. i am the youngest of 5
27. i need retail therapy every once in a while...even if i just go to the dollar store and buy something, it makes me feel better.
28. i had a cat growing up that we buried and it wasn't dead all the way...we didn't know that at the time...so it was "the cat that came back..."

and there you have it...me in a nutshell. have a happy day!!!!


name that movie...

"Tommy Dwayne Desota what is that in my frigidaire?"



i just finished reading these books...

i really liked them a lot. they were really quick reads. i thought it was a great way to get kids interested in mythology as well. the story line is interesting and while it is similar to Harry Potter, the authors have completely different writing styles so they are strikingly different. i recommend giving them a try. i liked them a lot! my biggest problem was getting them from the library...long waiting lists, so i borrowed from very nice people. none of them took me more than 2 days to read. do it, they are fun books!

okay...in between the other books i have been reading, i have re-read Harry Potter. i just love the books okay? i do. they are books i can pick up when i don't have "a book" going and just read. no pressure. i love the story, i know what happens but they are still so well written that i just read for pleasure and for the love of reading. i mean really.

i just finished The Deathly Hallows again today and i really want J.K. Rowling to write more about what happens to them after Voldemort. and how did Lily and James end up liking each other? that is never really explained. she seems to think he is so conceited so how did they end up married? and what did they do for jobs? and i just want more...and i want her to just write more books...non-Harry is fine, i just like her writing style a lot. so hopefully she will:)

that's my book soap box for today.

Book up next: The Blindside.


mother's day...

for mother's day this year i made pillows for the moms/grandmas...i think they turned out really cute. the idea for them came from here...

blake tried carrots this past week...i think he hates them...oh well, can't win them all:)

he also got a cup and is trying to figure out how to use it...he likes that part a lot!

we are just doing our normal...happy tuesday to you!


simplicity crib recall....

as of the end of april all model numbers of simplicity cribs with tubular mattress supports have been recalled...take a look!


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms out there! I hope your day is amazing and great and wonderful and beautiful! My dad sent me these beautiful flowers in the mail! Amazing, wanted to share them with you:) i love tulips:)

Also I wanted to share the funniest Mother's Day card with you. I know I have shared it before, but it really needs to be repeated!!!!!!!!! Hoops and Yo Yo...so funny! For maximum funny listen to a set of flowers at a time. So listen to the pink one on the left and then the pink one on the right and continue with the other flowers. Very funny!

Happy Mother's Day!



we got back from the grocery store, and i needed to feed blake right away so kendall put away the groceries...with some help it looks like.

avery said that she put it in the pantry...i believe it:) that's sweet Italian turkey sausage just in case you can't read it:)

blake turned 6 months on the first...since april has no 31st which is his actual birthdate. on monday he weighed in at a whopping 13lbs. 7oz. which is right in the middle of where i wanted him to be, and 26 inches long. so that's just below 3rd percentile for weight but almost 50th for length. and his head is just about 50th too. and he got shots...dreaded. but there you are.

then he also got bronchiolitis. so in three days we had been to the doctor twice:) they know us so well there. good thing the nurse likes us! he is so congested and snotty and sneezy and has a bad cough. it's very upsetting for him. he's taking it like a champ but i'm not sure how much longer his good disposition can last..hopefully the entire 10 days the doctor said it may take him to completely kick it. we'll see. in the meantime he reminds me of this little guy...

i really feel like i've been "slimed" most of the day. we've got juices flowing, that's for sure. we are doing breathing treatments and taking mucinex (which is an expectorant) and trying to pretend like we are getting sleep. that part is definitely hard:) after this...NO MORE SICKNESS okay???? okay. now that that's cleared up, we can move on...



why do we paint our toenails? i finally painted mine after about two weeks of no polish simply because i didn't have time. it makes me feel better if they are painted. how about you??