Online Silent Auction

hello all,
some friends of mine are adopting again, their second time, and they are having an online silent auction. i am participating with a couple of products, and they have some other really great items! check it out and see if you want to help them out. also, if you just wanted to make a straight donation, you can do that as well!


binky be gone...

please excuse this picture of my trash! but it has a funny story to go along with it! so i got a new job at church and it's working with the cub scouts which is great because before you know it i'm gonna have some of those so it's good practice. so i was gone on tuesday night for pack meeting and i come home and ethan tells me..."avery threw away her binky!" WHAT???
as background...we have been talking about how binkies get old and get holes in them for weeks in preparation for me snipping the tip of her binky off. and she only has it when she sleeps. so then she'll bring it up periodically..."mom remember how binkies get old and get holes..." and then we'll have the conversation again. so she did that with kendall the night i was at scouts and took the binky out of her mouth and said, "look i don't have a binky anymore!" and kendall said, "do you want to get rid of it?" and she said, "YES!" so he put it on her dresser but then ethan came in and said, "avery do you want to throw your binky in the trash right now???" and she said..."YES!" and kendall said, "are you sure?" to which she again said, "yes!" so then he gives it to her and she holds it aloft and says, "let's march like a princess" and actually marches down the stairs with it held out in front of her and kendall and ethan trailing behind her!!! and she gets to the trash downstairs and says, "bye bye binky" and throws it in! crazy!

that night she was hard to get to sleep but not super bad and then the next day at nap we had to have a talk and that night she was better and only cried once and now...nothing. she's just fine. how crazy is that?

i told her to let me know when she wants to potty train herself:)


funny shirt....

i saw this shirt and thought it was really funny. this post is going to contain references to nursing and how much i like to do that for my baby. i understand there are people who can't or don't want to, so i mean no disrespect to anyone, i just wanted to tell of an experience i had which involved nursing the little man....

on to that. so the older kids had bronchitis (again!) about 3 or 4 weeks ago and when they were finally on the mend, blake got a little cough. not a bad one...but then three days later, it was a bad one and on a sunday i stayed home from church with him and he started to wheeze so i took him to pediatric urgent care, conveniently located right down the street. they were very nice, told me he had an ear infection but that they didn't hear any pneumonia. so he had an antibiotic for that. and we were doing steam treatments in the bathroom and a humidifier in his room at night. then he had a "well" check on tuesday, which turned out to not be "well." his ear was fine, but the doctor said he had bronchiolitis and some pneumonia in his right lung. holy goodness. i have never had a baby this small be sick like this so i was freaked out. then they told me he had only gained a pound since he was born, making him 8lbs. 14 oz. and he was about 10 weeks at this point. not good people! so we went home armed with breathing treatments, an expectorant, his antibiotic and the humidifier in his room...it was a lot to think about and then i was so sad that he wasn't gaining weight because i really wanted to keep nursing him. it is great bonding for us. the reason he wasn't getting enough, i think, was that he was falling asleep when he would nurse, so i started nursing him twice on each side, switching him a total of four times to keep him awake, nursing him when he had no clothes on to make him chillly or half clothed, just a onesie...i put a cold washcloth on him, cold water bottle, whatever i could think of to keep him going and awake! and i started taking brewer's yeast to try to increase my milk supply. and yesterday i took him in to have a weight check and he weighed 9lbs. 10 oz!!!!! yay!!! almost a pound in a week, i am super pumped!!!! i am just so happy that he is gaining, all his pneumonia is gone and hopefully it won't be back!!!! so yay for us being well right now!!!!!


happy belated new year..

happy new year 6 days in!!! i finally got a 2010 calendar today, i feel good about that. it's has jungle animals for each month...hey big lots only has a limited supply guys! and for $1.50, you are happy with it!

we are doing well. each day it seems i feel more real, if that makes sense. having a baby really does change everything. i mean everything. my molecules feel differently than they did before:) even though he is baby three. each time i change. i am light years away from where i was when ethan was born and that is an interesting thing to think about, for me. i guess i am growing up...wow...

christmas eve 2009

another grown up thing we may accomplish in 2010 is homeownership! we contacted a realtor, met with her last night, going to see a house tomorrow...that seems really weird. you mean i won't be renting for the rest of my life? it's a huge blessing. that's what it is.

what else? new year's resolutions? not really. i am just not going to expect much of myself and then i won't be let down but just nicely surprised:) i intend to keep walking everyday, i really want to keep showering everyday and making my bed. other than that, i would REALLY like to get my pictures in a safe and secure saved media. i am thinking of saving them by years on dvd or cd. has anyone does this? it isn't hard right? i just keep thinking, what if the computer gets a weird bug and our whole "picture history" is gone forever. i would be sick about that.

he's holding on for dear life...not really, he just likes to hold on:)

also, let's call a spade a spade and just say that i am not a scrapbooker. there are some people who can do that and it looks amazing and you want to eat it, it looks so good. that's not me. i am crafty. i like to make things but scrapbooking is not it for me. i have the stuff, just not the flair. i attempted with ethan to pretend i was one but i got to almost a year for him and then we moved and then i haven't done anymore. avery has a book to put pages in and i have lots of girl themed papers etc. but nothing done and blake doesn't have a book. you see how this is degenerating right. because i don't have a passion for it. documenting things yes, we have journals, and i want to get pictures printed and put them in albums with little comments but not in a scrapbook with all the bells and whistles. so now the kicker...since i have already done some for ethan do i do the same amount for avery and blake and then do the albums or do i ditch the "trying-to-do-the-same-for-all" idea and just do the pics in albums? what is your opinion?

look at me mom!

so that's really all that's new with us. we just keep plugging along and i haven't sewn much lately, which i need to do regularly to feel more real...i'll get to that later i think:) i still have an unfinished table on my back porch...need to find a sander..anyone have one?:)

happy new year people, may 2010 be a great one for you and yours!