what's new pussy cat?

whoa whoa whoa...

not much. still on the lookout for a camera i want. i've done research...read reviews but the problem is i don't do it all in one sitting so that makes it fragmented and then i have to redo some of it the next time i sit down because i can't remember etc...blah blah blah...anyway...

blake has tried and loved cheerios and those little puffs that dissolve in the mouth...he has peach-mango right now. he delights in trying to pick them up and get them to his mouth. it's fun to watch:)

avery can be so sweet and then the next second be screaming about something. it is truly amazing to behold. when she's sweet though...it's pretty dang special.

we are in love with the movie Horton Hears a Who. SO FUNNY! really, quite hilarious. if you haven't seen it, watch it! borrow ours! but only for a day because the kids want to watch it everyday it seems:) or better yet come over for a movie party. we'd love it!


the bug stayed...

so the kids were throwing up on Memorial Day and then i thought we were done but on Friday...it came to me! YUCK! but i would so much rather it be me than Blake so i guess i can be grateful (so far) for that. this seemed to linger longer than the last time i had something similar (which wasn't that long ago, come on!) i am just today beginning to feel mostly better. when i get hungry i feel ill again...it's a process yeah?

anyway...still no camera, mostly because i don't want to have to fork over the cash for it...they are expensive...i don't want to get a cheapy one just to have it be poor quality or break or something. but nor do i need an uber expensive one...just middle of the road but good quality you know? anyway, i need to get one soon... i am missing some really funny things:)

this week i am doing a class at a church meeting teaching how to sew a reusable grocery/shopping bag...and i am cutting the material (which is thrifted sheets) and i need to go do that...but thought i would check in here :):)

as a sidenote: we made our first successful trip to the pool today (me and the three munchkins by myself!) and i think it went well overall (thanks ladies for helping me watch the kids!) and avery celebrated afterward by saying, "Hey mom, no one drowned at the pool! i didn't drowned!"

yes avery, that is a good day! can you guess what our conversation on the way TO the pool was about?:)


what kind of camera do you have?

'cause i need a new one!

i never wanted to take pictures more than when i can't! strange how that happens. so what kind of camera do you have? feel free to give me places, prices, names, where did you buy it? how do you like it? have you had it for a while? how is the battery life? give me the low-down! i am on a camera buying information hunt!