hey will you add me to your list so i can see your blog? i forgot to tell you i wanted to and i clicked on it yesterday and i could no longer see the blog! myhedwig (at) gmail (dot) com


yesterday was not a good day. let's just have that out and out right now. avery was up the night before for an hour or two fussing and crying and i don't know if it's teeth or tummy ache and i didn't want to feed her but around 1:30 i decided i would because LET'S GET SOME SLEEP PEOPLE! so i did and she slept but then woke up at regular time (6:15 am) yesterday morning. and ethan was not far behind....avery took a short-ish nap (1 hour 20 min) in the morning and then when i tried to get her to lay down later like normal, she wouldn't go...until 4pm. and guess who else wouldn't take a nap...that's right ethan ....so guess who else didn't get a nap? me. on about 4 hours of sleep and an accumulation of not much sleep/rest the last couple of days. bummer dude! so as i was trying to get ethan's shoes on and avery calmed down because she cried at the drop of a freaking hat yesterday...i was sitting on the floor of the kitchen and i started to cry because i was tired and frustrated and ethan came over and actually put his arm around me and said, "i'll take care of you mommy" i looked at him and started to cry again because, HOW SWEET IS THAT? so i said,"you'll take care of me ethan? i would like that" and he gave me a hug and promptly made me laugh about something and you know...it helped a lot. kids are amazing. he knew what to say and do. he's always been that way, when it really comes down to it. when he was little he would be doing something he knew he wasn't supposed to and he would come over to me and give me a silent hug when he knew i was getting upset at him. amazing.

today is going better...avery slept through the night, wa hoo!!!! and tomorrow i am so looking forward to a little girls' night out time waiting for Breaking Dawn to be released! AWESOME!

right now avery is laughing her head off at me....it is so cute!


Harry Potter 6 Trailer...

i couldn't get the You Tube video to load for some reason, but here is the link, this movie is going to be AWESOME! check it out!

Harry Trailer


What a find!

Seriously, i love Savers. if you haven't been you should go. but you do need to be prepared to dig a little bit. if "treasure hunting" doesn't sound that fun to you, maybe it wouldn't be a good idea, but i love it. yesterday we found 7 really great books, 4 of them lift-the-flap books and two disney ones that ethan likes and one other and they were $5. the other interesting thing about Savers is they have a color of the day (i think everyday) and that color is 50% off. so one day the color was orange and this little coat....

HAD AN ORANGE TAG! so it was $2!!! it was like kismet. i had to get it. she won't be able to wear it until she's about 3 years old, but seriously, how could i not buy it??? IT STILL HAS THE ORIGINAL TAG ON IT...SEE IT IN THE PICTURE?! that is awesome. lots of things i find there still have their tags on them...anyway, i just hink it's worth a shot.

so cute. man, i love Savers.


ever try to get a picture of your son blowing a bubble?

i wrote this title just to see what blogger would do with such a long title! ha!

okay, so ethan wanted to go outside and blow bubbles the other morning and it was before 8 or something, so not boiling hot yet, so we went.

avery's deal the entire time seemed to be "look mom, i found a leaf!" she was very excited. i tried to get actual pictures of a bubble being blown, but that's way harder than you would think:) fun though.

who was that blur of a man?

you know in the old superhero type movies...they always say "who was that masked man?" that's the way i feel about the man of our house this week. don't get me wrong...it's great to see him when we do, but this week takes the cake on stuff to be doing. okay, so he works everyday. most days he can wake up with the kids and give me a little break, which is killer. but he does have to leave, and this week he's had to leave by, i don't know....7 or something. kids wake up around 6 to 6: 15, 6:20, so he gets them actually out of bed and i usually lay there trying to wake up for a few minutes and then i get up so he can get ready. then monday night, he had two law journal meetings after work--so he wasn't home until 9:30-10. then tonight he's got church youth group meeting at 7 (which he always has on tuesdays, so no biggie). but he got home at 6:30, and wolfed down some dinner and was out the door again by 6:52. then tomorrow night he's got something after work, i can't remember what, thursday he'll be home...whew, then friday morning he leaves with the boys from church at 5 AM (excuse me, i hope to not see that time on the clock that day!) to go on their last boy scout/venturing crew campout of the year, before school starts up again for them. then he'll be back sometime saturday afternoon...man alive!

who was that blurred man?

he is so super dedicated to what he does, i really appreciate that about him. he's a good husband and a good father and some weeks are like this yeah? yeah. so the kids and i have been getting out when we need to and, mercifully, today everyone *including me* got to take a 2 hour nap. thank heavens for that! amen and amen.

so this is not a pity jen post, this is a "look how much my husband gets done in a week" post:) good job, honey!


so cool!

i am really excited to see the Batman:Dark Knight movie...out today. kendall said there was a possibility that they were taking a 2 hr. 30 min. "field trip" today from work...jealous

i am also extremely excited about this book...as the date comes closer i can't help but think in endless circles...what will happen...will she? will she not? ahhhhhh...hurry up august 2!


Another Party!!!

we've had another party for ethan, his first friend party! thanks to all the parents and kids who came, it was really fun...we had a Cars theme, and the kids got to make license plates...and they each got to take home a checkered flag and goodie bag:) Happy Birthday to Ethan!


avery dances...

she has started dancing when she hears music, very cute.

the fourth...

hey we had a great fourth hanging out with the family. we introduced ethan and avery to light sticks you crack and they glow and ethan also had his first experience with Pop Its. those things you throw down and they make a little explosion. that went over really well actually. we watched fireworks on tv since the kiddies had to be in bed before real fireworks were even thought of here in AZ and then kendall, BIL kraig, SIL elise and her brother ryan and i escaped to see some of the real thing out in queen creek. and a fun time was had by all.


The Actual Birthday...

yesterday was Ethan's actual birthday and we passed the day in birthday silence...meaning we didn't tell him it was his birthday because we'd already had a family party and he knows he gets to have a friend party but it was not yesterday so we wanted to avoid being upset the whole day about not getting a party or whatnot....

consequently i found it odd that it was such a big day for me, but for him, it was just another day. i kept wishing him a happy birthday under my breath all day. it was kind of fun to have a secret like that but in the future, i'm sure we won't be able to do that, once he learns the days of the week:) but i tried to do things he wanted to do yesterday, so we went to the mall playplace and got Wendy's and took it home and watched some Cars and played his little video game thing he got...so hopefully he had a good "un" birthday:)

i just wanted to make a little tribute to ethan, though he'll never read this, i love him so much. he is a wonderful boy, he is sweet and really sensitive to other poeple's feelings for the most part. he often just comes up to me and tells me he loves for no reason other than i exist, and he thanks me for changing his diapers and making his PB&J. he loves his little sister so much and is very sweet to her, most of the time. i am just really thankful that he is in our family and is such a great kid. he is three now and time flies. have fun little man, have fun:)


Big Three

we have an almost, quasi three year old at our house. we have to say that because, technically his birthday is not until tomorrow but we had his family party last night because aunt katie is leaving on a jet plane tomorrow....so we pretended that yesterday was his birthday and tomorrow is just a regular day...i'll have to celebrate myself or something:) he got many very fine presents,(thank you everyone) in particular a Click Start leap frog thing i think will be very fun and educational, thank you grandparents kara and kyle and nana and papa great. so without further ado...here is the cake...race track, very fun:) find the how-to here

here is the man himself:

and avery learned better how to hold her own cup yesterday as well...big day for everyone!