alphabet tag...

A. Attached or single? Attached
B. Best friend? kendall-the husband
C. Cake or pie? cake
D. Day of choice? i love fridays
E. Essential item? Computer, a binky for avery, a book
F. Favorite color? orange
G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears (haribo or cinnamon bears)
H. Hometown? i split my childhood in Bear Grass, NC and Puyallup, WA
I. Indulgence? cheesecake
J. January or July? in arizona i pick january:)
K. Kids? 2.
L. Life isn’t complete without? my family
M. Marriage date? 12/27/2002
N. Number of brothers & sisters? 1 brother, 2 sisters, i sister in law, and 2 brothers in law
O. Oranges or apples? depends on the day, usually apples
P. Phobias? spiders, small places
Q. Quotes? "some things have to be believed to be seen" Ralph Hodgson, "Myths which are believed in tend to become true" George Orwell "The future depends on what we do in the present" Mahatma Ghandi
R. Reasons to smile? my children, my mom's done with chemo
S. Season of choice? i really can't do without fall..i love fall
T. Tag some peeps! audrey, melissa, alacey, hottie (but if you've already done it, don't do it again!)
U. Unknown fact about me? i have actually peed my pants from laughing...sorry that's gross
V. Vegetable? corn on the cob, sugar snap peas
W. Worst habits? getting stressed
X. X-ray or ultrasound? ultrasound
Y. Your favorite food? tortilla chips
Z. Zodiac sign? gemini

oh sweet mercy...

so we moved houses a while ago...like march or april i think, and i believe it was in that move, although that is not actually confirmed, where i lost my pair of gingher scissors. this made me very sad, one: because i HATE losing things. it really urkes me when i lose stuff and two: those scissors were 1)expensive, 2)they were a gift and 3)i really liked them. they are wonderful sewing scissors and they may even be like the pair your mom had and strictly forbade you to cut paper with....you see where i am going with this? so they were gone. then kendall decided to clean out the honda including the trunk. and there(with a bright light shining around them and angels singing in the background) were my beloved scissors! it's probably weird to get so excited about finding them but i totally am. and then i saw they have rust on them...that is just criminal! anyone know how to removed rust from metal? anyway, thought i'd share my jubilation at finding what was lost. I always believed you would come home, my gingher friend!


Q: When is a good day to take a one year old to get a blood test done?

A: Probably never! i keep waiting for a "good" day to take avery in to get the blood test done that Dr. Joe ordered on her year appointment on the 19th. it was never a "good" day...until i realized that she is no longer going to be covered on insurance, effective September 1. so i took her yesterday to sonora quest, we were in and out in...an hour. and i had ethan with me but it actually went well. she cried for a bit, who wouldn't? but got over it and did smashingly well. here she is...in her cotton ball/gauze tape glory.

she also has become quite a climbing monkey! it started when she began climbing into ethan's child-size folding chair and then trying to sit down without turning around and basically falling into my waiting arms...backwards. i had to be with her all the time when she discovered that little trick or else hide the chair. so now...she climbs on the dishwasher if i leave it open too long. see picture: exhibit A.

in un-child related news, i have finally acquired some lockers. if anyone has talked to me lately, i am sure i have mentioned this fixation i have. i saw some lockers one day in Savers, a set of three tall lockers, kind of yellow in color, but they were $50. i wasn't that committed to the idea and i talked myself out of them. the problem is...i kept thinking about lockers...lockers in general. i just really wanted some to help contain my sudden and overwhelmingly cluttered den. so i started perusing Craigslist. you may know how Craigslist goes...if you don't get it pretty much a few hours after it goes on, if it is a "hot" commodity...it's gone. so i kept seeing lockers and then calling and not getting any lockers.....lame. so then i found some and they were available and they were in Queen Creek AND they were only $30. AND...they were large. i was so excited. and then the lady told me that she would bring them to my house because she lives near me...is it Christmas? i was totally stoked. i went out and bought paint and started coming up with all these ideas...and then the day came (last friday) that she was supposed to bring them and she didn't. and she said she'd call me and she didn't. what???????? these are my lockers woman!!! my fixation! anyway, long story short (too late jen)kendall and his brother kraig (thanks kraig!) went and picked them up yesterday for me. and kendall was walking towards me with a frosty in hand when he brought them home which means...they are not as good as you thought and will take more work than you thought, but here's a frosty to make you feel better. but i am up for the challenge...and she lowered the price to $25. sweet. here are some before pictures. pretty nasty huh? i cleaned them today...saw the spiders that made those webs...did my best to waterlog them and then squash the egg sacks i found...


things that happen at Wal-Mart...

okay so we all know that ethan's got a great arm and likes to play with the toys at the checkout of wal-mart-itcus, and he's also broken a jar of jelly on the peanut butter/bread/jelly/ice cream topping aisle. now today he's reached new levels...we were over in the health and beauty area, getting some face wash and he picked up a bottle of perfume and at first was just examining it and i could see him thinking about it...no sooner had i started to say, "ethan, please don't spray that" that he did it. he sprayed himself right in the eye! oh man, i thought he would drop the bottle he was shaking and screaming and hopping up and down so badly! i ran to him, leaving avery in the cart mind you, she was good enough not to jump out and truly make us a spectacle. i had no water bottle in my diaper bag like i usually do so i grabbed one of the water jugs i was going to buy out of the cart, opened it up and used it to flush out his eye. it was red, red, red and he rubbed and rubbed. i had made a pretty amazing puddle on the floor trying to get him cleaned up. then i finally got him to "okay" , we told someone about our mess we made and we started back to the food side of the store. then he rubbed his eye again and it was like we had to start all over again. this time i found one of the conveniently located trashcans they have in walmart with a roll of industrial paper towels chained to it, for mopping up spills and we started again, flushing out his eye. another large puddle and a LOT of blinking and rubbing later and we were okay again...for about five minutes. then he started to scream and cry about it again...as you could probably imagine my patience was almost gone (it hadn't been a fantastic morning anyway) and we were trying to pay for our groceries. needless to say, we got out of walmart and he was fine again. then he hasn't said anything else about it, except to tell his aunt (who took us to lunch, thanks kate!) that he "frayed" himself in the eye with "pfferfum" on the upside his eyeball smells very nice now:)


this month is such a special one...

it's birthday time for you...actually we have so many birthdays in the summer...who doesn't have a birthday right now? i was in may, ethan was in july, kendall was on the 7th of this month, avery on the 12 of august, my dad on the 22nd and my good friend nikki on the 26th. craziness...

but since we were vacationing when it was avery's birthday we had her party last night with kendall's family. she had a great time, we had great grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncle there. it was a lot of fun. her cupcakes were lady bugs...use your imagination...they look much cuter on martha


Binki, nuk, paci, pacifier, plug, can't live without it device

so i broke down today and went and bought another set of pacifiers for avery because i was so flaming upset that i couldn't find any of the other two we have for her. they get lost in the house all the time and i couldn't find either of them this morning and i thought, that's it! i'm going to buy more. so i did.

and when i got home, i found both of the old ones...in very visible locations....

must be the second baby brain or something. so now we have extras...always good:)


and another thing...

1. i am sad that the harry potter movie has been moved back a whole big long time.

2. i am so happy that Twilight got to move up on the movies-coming-out-list.

3. i finally saw Dark Knight and it was beyond awesome.

4. i am so happy to be able to stand up without feeling the need to immediately bend over a toilet.


hey, well...i'm finally feeling better, whew! that was NOT good, some kind of nasty gastrointestinal nastiness which if i talk about too loudly will probably come back to bite me again...so enough said. and now i feel almost normal.

today was spent digging ourselves out of a vacation and mom being sick for many days in a row...laundry, mountains of laundry and sweeping/swiffering/mopping the floors and thinking of cleaning the bathrooms, but not doing it and doing many dishes and the like. a doctor's appointment as well, for the little avery. and when i say little, i mean LITTLE! she weighs in at a whopping 17lbs. 6oz (5%) but is, astonishingly, in the 90% for length..weird. she is 30.5 inches long. and her head is like middle of the road so she's all good:) but the doc said not to turn her forward facing in the car yet...we are having some dissention in the ranks here about whether to turn or not to turn...we'll see.

as a recap..we went Sedona and stayed for one night at a hotel and woke up to this:

wonderful views.
we explored Sedona and stayed at a cozy little cabin in Oak Creek Canyon.

the temperatures up there were very awesome, even getting chilly and almost cold at night. it was great! ethan loved playing outside the cabin in the woods and near the creek with kendall. we went on walks and went to the Red Rock National Forest park and walked around and had fun. Avery had her first birthday while we were there, on the 12th, Happy Birthday Avery, on which day she started clapping, shaking her head "no" (for yes or no) and also doing something that looks like clasping her hands in prayer, when we say we are going to have a prayer. pretty cute!

she also had some ice cream for the first time, and she loved it, as you can see:)

we ate at a little place called Red Planet Diner, where ethan threw up because he didn't like his food...all over me. gross!!!!!!!!! then i got sick on wednesday and haven't felt really better until today. awesome, but the trip was lots of fun.

we got back on thursday and friday our AC fan burnt out, and when i say burnt out i mean, it smelled like it was ON FIRE....but it wasn't it just smelled that way. so we went to kendall's parents' house until the guy could come and fix it the next morning. so it's been an eventful week and a half. and now we are back.


funny thing...

i don't know if you saw my blog had THREE trailers from You Tube for Harry Potter on it, posted friday..i asked youtube to post those to my blog like two weeks ago or something and here they are....funny...

i've been and still am sicky, i'll post about our trip when i feel better:)


harry potter 6

very cool looking trailer! i am excited! the kid who plays tom looks frankly menacing and scary...awesome!


see ya later!

avery is feeling much better, thank you to all of the well wishes. we are going out of town...little vacation for us before school starts...should be really fun. we are headed to sedona. wish us luck:)



did your kids ever get roseola? avery got a huge fever on saturday night, 103.6 under the arm and didn't really have any other symptoms. she was HUGLEY fussy as well and i feel like she's been crying for days...just not a happy camper. on monday we took her to the doc. just to make sure it wasn't ears or throat...and it wasn't. just a virus he says...so we hydrate, give medicine for the fever and wait. then yesterday she had no fever and was still fussy fussy fussy. then today no fever, but a red, slightly raised rash all over her little self. awesome. and what is that folks? not chicken pox as far as i can tell, but roseola. click on that to find more info. if you want. so that's what we've got and tomorrow is kendall's birthday...hopefully she's good by tomorrow:) i sure hope we all get some rest. she's been not sleeping at night very well at all...yuck. although, i am thankful it's not the chicken pox:)


Breaking Dawn...

hey, i finished the book today...i was very pleased with it..it did not disappoint! very very good. i didn't even ignore my family too much to finish it:) READ IT!



we may be in the process of saying goodbye to a cherised friend. this friend has calmed us and protected us, helped us feel better about ourselves and frankly, fixed most of our problems.

it is our friend, the nap.

ethan is making his wishes clear lately that no napping will be in his future soon. i am, however, introducing him to a new friend, called Quiet Time. they don't get along too well yet, but hopefully with time, Quiet Time can ease the passing of our beloved friend, the nap.

while our friend the nap is not gone yet, we want to say thank you for all of the wonderful hours and refreshing dreams we've spent together. we will never forget you. another resident of our house, avery, will continue to have a close relationship with our friend the nap for a while longer, we all hope.

so this might be ethan and mommy, saying goodbye. (possibly depending on the day) thank you, precious friend nap, we love you and whenever you leave us, we will feel it acutely.