rainbows, sunshine and little puppy dogs...

today was a good day. it was like everything just fell into place. it wasn't perfect, but it went well. ethan only cried a few dozen times (kidding) but really, i got some things accomplished that i wanted to (cleaning the floors etc) and was able to get out and do some things in the 111 degree heat with minimal suffering, so it was a beautiful day! i always feel so much better when the house is clean and the laundry is folded and put away (something else i did today). i have noticed a trend, if i can get my bed made in the morning and get a shower, then it bodes well for that day. if not...there's still a good chance it will be good, but it's not for certain. shower and made bed...for certain a good day! honestly, it might sound weird but it's true.

avery said her first bonafide, in the right context, i am talking to you word today. it's "Hi" she said it all day long when she saw people complete with cute waving. it was like she finally realized she could communicate with people and she didn't want to stop and frankly i called both grandmothers just to hear it say it again and again and again. she is so sweet. and i am so excited for her to start talking and stuff. it's really cool to watch that kind of progression. the first year is an amazing time of learning and growing and to be a first hand witness to that is so cool! that's a huge job perk:)

and, mystery of all mysteries, ethan actually played by himself today for at least 30 minutes. it was amazing, i could get dinner ready and i actually set the table, kendall probably thought Stephenie Meyer's The Host had come to life and i'd been replaced by a perfect Soul. it was so great. i feel so self actualized today, it's ridiculous!



we live in arizona, and that means it is hot. really hot. the thermometer in our car told me it was 95 degrees yesterday as i made my way to my inlaws house at 9 am! which indicated that by the middle of that day and beyond we would top out at well over a hundred and we did. but here's the curious thing about this year for me. while i feel the heat of it and feel that it is a little oppressive, i am doing so much better than in years past. it doesn't feel THAT hot. and i know it will get hotter, no worries there, but it does give me hope that maybe this year it won't be that bad, and hey i'm not pregnant in this heat, like i was last year so maybe that's the difference!

i just finished reading the Twilight books again (sans the new one obviously and i CANNOT wait. actually i guess i can, because i have to:)and it was good to read them again because i burned through them so fast the first time, that this time i caught more little things and i actually sympathized with Jacob a bit, which i didn't really do before. so now i'm all ready for the new book to come out on August 2! exciting.

here are some picture stories for you:

Ethan said his cars needed hats...i didn't really ask why, it seemed irrelevant:)

i was feeding avery one morning and she had fallen asleep so i was on my way to put her down when i noticed ethan was holding something on the couch, and when i came back out to investigate, he had a bowl of frut and several things of yogurt that he'd gotten out, because now he can open the fridge. he was very proud of himself!

i always put ethan on my bed (because it's high and he generally needs help getting down though not always) when i take a shower so he doesn't run through the house while avery is asleep. i always put books up there with him and sometimes a snack and the other day when i came out of the shower, this is what i found. studiously reading away....

the baby and the beast. kramer is such a sweet dog that he doesn't mind when avery apparently sticks her hand in his mouth to try to steal his ball. he is really so sweet to the kids, we are very lucky:)


happy day to dads...

i love dads, my own, my father in law, my grandfather in law, my husband who is a wonderful dad to our kids. thank you so much, you wonderful men, for all you do for our families. i can't say enough about how hard all the dads in my life work, how much they care, how much they love and how much they soldier on and keep all us crazies grounded. thank you so much. with so much love, we say

Happy Father's Day.

(and no, i didn't really intend for that to rhyme)