in bed by 8...

so the other night, i was feeling all great about our bedtime routine, because kendall was home and we had the kids in bed by 8pm.  we are usually around then, but i was just feeling like, "hey, we might know what we are doing!"

then avery came out...she had to go to the bathroom.

a few minutes pass, i can hear blake singing/talking to himself but he usually does that so not worried about it

ethan comes out...he has to go to the bathroom, i am sure his little sister is standing in the hallway....

they each get a "mulligan" and are told to go back to bed, no more freebies...

about 10 minutes pass, kendall goes to work out...

avery comes out, she argues with me for a minute and finally says she has to go to the bathroom again, number 2.  she takes care of that...

10 minutes later...ethan comes out again and says, "what would happen if you try to read in the dark mom?"  like i can't figure out what he's trying to do.....

me: go to bed ethan
him: but mom i really need to know what would happen!
me: just go to bed!
him: but mom!!! just tell me!!!!
me: you'll hurt your eyes but you shouldn't be reading anyway, so just GO TO BED!

radio silence for about 3 minutes...

here comes avery..."mom, blake is singing the itsy bitsy spider to himself..."

me: avery, that's cute, now GO TO BED!

i go up there and tell them they have lost computer privileges for tomorrow and if they get up again, they'll get in deep trouble....seemed to work since they didn't come out again, but come on! it's about 9:30 by then...and i thought we were doing good at 8:)  oh well, some nights are like that huh?

other news...finally stabbed myself with my exacto knife...it was bound to happen. i have it in a small flower pot by the phone (so my kids can't get it) but i was looking for something else in the flower pot, and i picked it up and forgot about the the hole in the bottom of flower pots...it fell right out of the hole and stabbed my foot! ye--ouch!  so now it's all bruisey and still hurts a bit.

this is the face i get when i ask blake to smile these days...what a ham!


happy love day....

we can't all quite make it into one picture, but we do wish you the best of love days today...just a day to share love with those around you...i know not everyone is hip on valentine's day or the commercialization of it all...but we like it around here...we decorate, give gifts...the whole shebang..but if you don't, just love somebody:)
we love you guys...thanks for all the love you give and show us!!!


look what i made!

hey have you guys ever used picnik? well, i'd used it before, but then i saw this tutorial on how to make printable signs with picnik and i thought i'd give it a whirl...but don't fall in love if you do use it...it's going away april 19th...merging with Google + i think.  anyway...i made these today, just for fun and because i kind of really love the movie Tangled and because i definitely believe it's never too late to be what you might have been (thanks George Eliot) (click on them to see them bigger)

yes, they all say the same thing but i got carried away making color changes and i liked thema ll so i couldn't pick a favorite:)

linking up with tatertots and jello!!!

these are funny to me...

i don't love Ryan Gosling, but the idea behind these "Hey Girl" prints...really funny...find them all here

of course, i'd like them better if they had my husband's picture...hey...maybe i'll make some as a gag gift for him before Picnik closes! that'd be funny