(that's ethan)

it's a well known fact, at least to me, that kendall never reads this blog and really...that' s fine. but yesterday was our seven year anniversary and i am going to say something about it here.

i couldn't ask for a better companion to spend my time with, to have cute kids with, to raise said children with...to have fun with, be happy with or go through trials with.

for many years (we met when i was 15 and he was 16) kendall has been my best friend and continues to be. he is a rock. he works hard. all the time. he is an excellent person in my mind and i really couldn't ask for more. (which also happens to be "our song"..."i could not ask for more" by edwin mccain)

thank you honey for being so involved in our family life and for being the best husband to me and father to our children that i could ask for. i love you a million times over and i am so happy we get to spend our time together.


merry christmas!!!!!!

we wish you all a very merry christmas, happy holidays and lots of love!!!! blake was helping us hold the ornaments when we decorated:) happy christmas to you all!
us crazies:)


still here...

we are still here. we are getting ready for a visit from my mom and dad, they arrive tomorrow, which i am very excited about! the kids are doing well...avery is...well avery is having a rough time of late, she's got a bad cough and it makes her frustrated and keeps her from resting and makes her REALLY grumpy so we are dealing with that. ethan is doing well and blake is as well. we are all adjusting and that makes mom happy.

some pictures from lately...i haven't taken a lot of pics of blake..yikes third child syndrome, but our batteries just got charged so i'm gonna be better now...

ethan made a pilgrim costume at preschool....

aunt elise cutting avery's hair...

the way we found ethan one night around 11 pm. taken with a flash...funny boy:)