blake eats!

we started blake on solid food friday april 16th! so far he has had
rice cereal:



and he really seems to like them all! it's been so much fun, he gets SO excited when he sees the spoon and bib! he really likes to try to eat the bib too:) i have to say bumkins are our favorite bibs if you are in the market for some new ones. they sell some of the varieties at Babies R Us..it's worth looking into.

and just for posterity...here are the boys at roughly the same age/stage:


our trip to utah was fabulous! my sister had her baby shower while i was there and i was so glad i was able to go and help and participate! the kids had a blast, always fun to hang with the cousins and grandpa who likes to buy them things:) this was the big excitement...

that same day i called kendall to ask what the weather was like here...it was in the 80's and beautiful. of course. but a fun time was had by all then that snow melted in about 2 hours so i was glad they had the opportunity!

we really had a great time and blake charmed everyone. so fun:)


she's always been brave...

she is the ultimate little sister. takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. she has always been this way. so when she comes up with a new way to ride the power wheels with her brother...we just let her get on with her bad self...

i also saw her fall off several times and she didn't even bat an eyelash...so i guess that's a winner:)



we had a great time this easter! conference and easter on the same day was a lot of fun...i just love listening to conference and getting to spend that time on easter was really special.

blake took a little snooze in the sling.

ethan and blake had matching shirts...so cute! the kids looked adorable in the clothes from their nana...Thank you Nana Kara!!!

i thought it was slightly shameful that ethan was going to be five this year and had NEVER DYED EGGS before! whoa...that needed to be remedied fast! avery dyed some too and a good time was had by all!


things i take for granted...

my internet...

we have been without internet for about 2 weeks. i was out of town for one of those weeks in UT...pictures to come...but it was totally yucky to be without for that long! kendall is my hero, he fixed it today! yay!


we got hit with that yucky 24 hour flu bug. ethan got it in UT and i got it the first full day we were back and avery threw up early this morning/last night. hopefully blake does not get it because i don't know if i could handle that.

washing machine and dryer...

we have done massive amounts of laundry with being sick and getting home from our trip! i wouldn't have survived with a wash board etc. thank heavens for machines!
that's all i can think of now. post with pictures to come!


how ghetto are you???

so we were in walmart the other day...it's pertinent to know that there are two walmarts within striking distance here and one is a little...unsavory...audrey you know the one. it's got security guards instead of greeters and it just makes me feel a little ghetto, but they have fabric there so you can see why i might choose to go to that one instead of the newer, nicer one. right. so that's one part of my awesome trip to the store that we* had. (* we includes me and the three children)

then, we were shopping and i heard blake's binky fall. (this is maybe halfway through the trip) and i thought to myself.."self, remember to pick that up please." amidst the children asking for things and blake fussing...just a little, i forgot to pick it up. subsequently when i realized this, in the middle of the fabric looking (i was looking for something specific not just browsing, in my defense...but i digress), i went back to where i thought it had fallen, but to no avail. and to make matters worse, we lost the other binky the DAY BEFORE at the riparian preserve. (sidenote...why the heck is she having so many sidenotes today??? i H.A.T.E. losing things. can't stand it!)

so that's two binkies gone in two days by the little man....good thing we were at a store, yes? so i go to the aisle and pick out new binkies. but is he ready to move up to the 6 month + size or do we stay with the mini mam..decisions decisions. then someone comments on avery..how small she is, how well she talks, she's so cute...on and on...PICK A BINKY AND GET OUT OF THERE WOMAN! ok...then we are a little farther down our list and blake is fussing fussing and i so what do i do? that's right! take a binky out and (after i put it in my mouth to get off the package germs but give him my own germs) pop it in his mouth! in the store. we have not yet paid, but the baby falls asleep very quickly and for this, we are grateful. Then we have to get new toothbrushes, ethan picks out spiderman. we get in line (ps at this walmart they have only 4 lines open IN THE WHOLE STORE at almost 7 at night on a weeknight...lame) and discover that somewhere in "toys" we lost the spiderman toothbrush...so we...you guessed it...get out of line, get another toothbrush and get back in line. he really did need a new one, it wasn't just giving in! and then of course i pick the wrong line, always! so slow. by the time we get all the groceries and get them paid for and get home it is 7:30 pm and i believe i started that adventure around 5 ish. kendall didn't come with us to the store because he was working late and we thought of having him meet us but i said, oh for sure we will be home soon! wishful thinking. but he did make dinner! kudos to him! whew! adventures in shopping.