Sew Mama Sew has a master list of people that she knows of that are participating in the give-away day on the 3rd of december. i am going to be participating on my blog All Sewn Up check it out!


happy thanksgiving...

love to you all. we are so blessed!
--from the wilsons


Party at...

Walmart...apparently today when i decided to go to get groceries, half of my ward did as well...

Jaime was around by the dairy followed by Yolanda (so glad you are feeling better!) i saw another chick from the ward as i headed back up to produce and while i was going to pay, saw a FOURTH girl with her two kidlings coming in...what the???? craziness. you'd think it's thanksgiving or something.:)

so excited because i SOLD MY FIRST SLING FROM THE WEBSITE!!! i was actually confused when i saw the email in my inbox...like, WHAT? i don't remember paying anyone anything....and then i realized, they were paying me...priceless! that makes my day:) thank you girl from vancouver WA. audrey, she got the black and white number that you now own, but without the snazzy yellow pocket! myself...i love yellow but to each her own, and well wishes:)


Another Show...

i am doing another show on the 6th of december, at the same location 922 N. gilbert..if you got lost and couldn't come before, i can give you better directions! it was a lot of fun last time, come down if you'd like to:)


Twilight Movie...

yesterday was a big day! Twilight was released and a bunch of friends and i went to see it at 6:45pm. we stood in line from about 4 (i got there at 4:15 or so) with all the other twilight crazies and it was pretty cool. i got a shirt made (see picture):) and i had some rub-on tattoos from my New Moon book which Melissa, Tiffany and i quickly applied:) the movie was good, i thought the actors were a bit awkward at times, especially before they were "friends" after that the kid who plays edward lightened up a little. but bella, come on, crack a smily honey! she's cute but a little deadpan. all in all, not bad, i'm interested for the next one when they have, presumably a larger budget, because those quileute boys better be AMAZING! if you know what i mean....


busy day...

i can feel that this is going to be a rambling post...bear with me. i'll probably throw some pictures of the kids in, just to spice it up:)

so today was like the busiest day ever. and i loved it. i really like having some structure to my day and feeling like i can "check things off" my invisible list that i have, that i had to basically give up or modify once i had children. i no longer had a daily list...it was more of a what can i get done this week list. because with a tiny baby, really any stage of kid, it's a little bit hard to get done everything you could get done by yourself. we know this. so today was a day where i had a lot to do, and it ALL absolutely HAD to be done TODAY! and it got done. and none of the children are the worse for wear. so good.

so i made this bag last night and it basically rocks...if i say so myself. it is SOOOO cute. too bad i gave it away before i could take a picture of it. i am planning to at least make one for me. it's dark blue denim that has white stripes and the inside is a light, bright green with a while pattern on it and it only has one strap, going from front to back (or back to front...work that one out huh?) and on the front i put a felt flower that was probably 4-5 inches across and it was FUSCHIA! and it was roomy, with boxed corners. cute! i'll make another so you can see it:)

so avery does this "hmm mmmm" thing, when she wants to say yes, she doesn't say "yes" she says "hmm mmm" you know like "uh huh" just with her mouth closed. it's pretty cute.

ethan got to watch kung fu panda tonight at a church function while i socialized with some lovely ladies, he is in love with that movie.

what else??? pictures of the kids...

have i mentioned how much i love tortilla chips...it's a lot. they are pretty much my favorite chip.

are you guys making presents for christmas at all? if so, what? i need ideas!!!!



hey, there are some new things at all sewn up: new and lovely fabrics for slings and nursing covers, brand new beautiful burp cloths and the oh-so-fun tag lovies (not new but still cute cute cute!) take a look if you are interested or just want to see the new fabrics:) thanks!


how did it go?

thank you to all who came out to the holiday show and supported me!!! it was so wonderful to see some of you there and know that i am loved. it was a fun time and there were a lot of great products at the show. a good experience for me, i gave out a lot of business cards and i even sold a few things! i am very happy with how it went.



922 N. Gilbert Saturday 15th, 10am to 4pm

there will be a santa there from 12p-2p and free food, hot chocolate, a bouncy house for kids...christmas music and lots of vendors!!! come on down!!!!



so ethan had a dentist appointment today to get a filling...and we told him about it this morning and he went bonkers! the anticipation was definitely worse than the actual thing. he was still crying a little when we got there and the other moms were looking at me like, "hey the dentist is hard enough, can you get that kid to stop?" afraid their children were going to chime in as well. so he settled down, mostly due to the movie that was playing and then they call him back and we go to a little Nemo inspired room, very cute with a futon-like bed for little people. they then tell me they are going to bring him some "juice." i'm saying it was "juice" but they didn't tell me that, until they brought it back and he raced to drink it because we were timing him. then they said they'd give him about 20-30 minutes for that to take effect...oh right...there were drugs in that "juice." and were there ever! i took him to the bathroom to pee and then it took about 10 minutes until he was tripping all over his feet in that small room and i made him sit down because i was afraid he would trip over avery and hurt her or himself. he said, "mom, i'm falling down, why am i tripping on my feet?" he was very affectionate, but he usually is, but he was also very floppy. at one point he actually said (i am not making this up), "i love you mom, and i love avery and i love the dentist!" at least he knows where he can go to get the good stuff:) and he did great, he fell asleep to the tune of laughing gas during the procedure and woke up well and ate well after that, no throwing up. yay team! then avery had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and then ethan gets his stitches out tomorrow. whew!


would you stop posting about Saver's?

i would if it wasn't so flipping amazing! yesterday, veteran's day, saver's had a 50% off sale. that's right people, 50% off. of prices that are already like $2.99 or something. so we popped in there in the morning, before meeting kendall for lunch. and the parking lot was FULL and the lines from the registers were amazing. i've never seen that many people in there before. but, alas we couldn't stay, so we met kendall and then went back later in the day. and it was pretty picked over in some places but i got a pair of old navy pants (grey really cute), a pair of mossimo corduroy pants and a pair of NY and Company goucho pants for $9. all of them for $9. that's $3 EACH! that's just criminal. so AWESOME!

and now i'm done.


now this is funny....

wouldn't it be great to set fire to the whole thing?

Cancer Walking...

here are some pictures from our cancer walk. it was really cool to be there and see so many people supporting this cause! it was a river of people! and the lines for the port-a-potties were long as well!

there were survivors there and a few "almost" survivors, not done with treatment yet and there were all sorts of people walking for brave women they knew. very inspiring. i was glad i had the opportunity to go. apparently the secret to getting ethan to sit in the stroller for a while is give him an IPOD to listen to...who knew huh?



don't forget, i'm doing a cancer walk on saturday and if you want to donate, THERE'S STILL TIME! you can donate through the button on the right or you can give it to me personally if you are in AZ...but please do, if you feel so inclined. and i don't think i mentioned this before but my in-laws company, who i am walking with, is matching all of the donations! yay! so thank you if you already have and if you haven't...do if you wanna!


more halloween pictures??????

no but it was kind of scary...today ethan had his cyst over his right eye removed at Phoenix Children's Surgical Center. He did really well, a few tears going to the Center and a few more coming out of his drug induced sleep. he was just disoriented and scared when they had to take out his IV (which was actually in his leg). he has had the cyst since he was born (and before;) and we decided to get it out because the doctor said it can thin the bone underneath and cause a break or if he were to fall on it, it would break and give him an infection etc. so we got it removed. kendall and i were both able to go because we have THE BEST SISTER IN LAW EVER! Elise volunteered herself to watch avery, which was so sweet! thanks so much elise! and avery had a blast, so we are all well. i was nervous about the whole procedure but i was also nervous about him coming out of the anaesthesia because he is prone to throwing up, but he has done really well so far. another part i thought would be hard is he had to be fasting to go. so he ate dinner last night at 6:30 and said he wasn't hungry later so he didn't eat until after the surgery and you know what? he didn't mention being hungry one time! good job ethan! the great news, cosmetically speaking is that most of the incision is in his eyebrown line so that should not draw too much attention...or we'd have to start calling him harry potter:)

before: sorry it's fuzzy...

after: yay for popsicles!



If you are in Arizona or going to be in Arizona on Nov. 15th (and possibly Dec. 6th) PLEASE COME TO MY HOLIDAY SHOW! there will be a santa claus there, hot chocolate, music and me selling stuff...but it would just be fun to see you too:) tell all your friends...there are a lot of really cool vendors that are going to be there. plus i'll be there...that's reason enough, right?:)


yo ho yo ho....

a pirate family for us...we had a great time at our ward trunk or treat...i think our trunk turned out good:) ethan had a great time helping me paint our treasure chest! i thought kendall made an exceptionally good pirate...a little a la jack sparrow. and a good time was had by all.