Brian Regan: Pop Tarts

oh such a funny man! pretty much anything he does is incredibly funny and clean!



anyone have any good book suggestions? i'm fresh out of ideas...if anyone has any, i'd love to hear them! you should also say why you like the book, just for kicks! i just got done reading The Alchemist and These is my Words, very good books both of them. to tell the truth i wasn't sure i was going to like either one, just from a judging-the-book-by-the-cover stance, but i ended up liking them a lot. the alchemist is a sort of fable that really makes you think, which i liked. These is my words is a journal (fiction) of an early pioneer in Arizona...very interesting, i'm glad i didn't live then..i probably couldn't have handled it but i really liked that she was a strong female role model in the book, it was well written and had some romance, which is always nice.

so what are you reading?


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We are so happy to be able to celebrate this spring season and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We wish your family love and joy at this wonderful time!


follow up

we went to the doc today and he said that avery is fine...we should just watch her in case she develops any symptoms or something changes drastically but he thinks it is just a function of her growth, growing head/growing length and that it isn't out of the normal range. so we'll just keep our eyes on her and, heck, who wouldn't want to do that? she's really cute:) thanks for all your well wishes! we love you!

trip to the ER

well, avery made her first trip to the ER on tuesday...i was washing her hair earlier that morning and noticed her soft spot was kind of bulging and called my mom, kendall's mom, the dr.'s office, to have them call me back...and so we made an appointment to see a different doctor (mine was on vacation...seems like they are always on vacation when you need them huh?) and when avery and i went to see the doctor, he was like, "wow, i've never seen a child with a bulging fontenel and no other symptoms...like fever etc. because that would be meningitis" the short of what he said was, you should go to the ER right now! so we went. kendall met us there as well as his mom and we waited. all told we were there for almost 5 hours. she saw a doc. and he was skeptical and wanted to send us home to "watch" what happens, i told him i wasn't comfortable with that and so we did a CAT scan. which by the way, have you ever had to strap a 7 month old girl down to have a CAT scan? sad business people. then we waited some more. then we got called back and the doctor told us the CAT scan was normal...so go home, and if there are any drastic changes in behavior, size of the bulge etc. come back. okay, so now we are following up with our regular doctor (back from vacation) today and while it is still bulging...i don't know what to think about it. it is definitely abnormal but she hasn't had any other symptoms....so we will see what the doctor says today. wish us luck!


should i be offended by this?

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cryptic post..

sorry for my last cryptic post, i only had time to do that because for the last few days (that would be last wednesday until yesterday, sunday) kendall was out of town in florida for a conference for law journal for law school...and why did i begin potty training this child, or starting to, right before he left? probably because it wouldn't matter if kendall was here or not, because he is gone all day anyway...boo on that. so i started this process and i feel like if i stop now and go back to diapers that is sending a way wrong message to him. he knows when he is going because he tells me, "i'm going pee" he goes and hides when he has to poop so i know he kind of knows when that will happen as well. so, he's wearing pull-ups and i think they aren't uncomfortable enough for him when he goes in them, so i am going to have to do it "yolanda" style (a friend of mine) and put him in underwear throughout the day for a few days so he can know that it is nasty and feels like yuck...but that also means cleaning up nasty and yuck on the (blessedly) tile floors, and probably not going out very much while we go through this process. i probably am crazy...why do we pick this time to do this when they are almost 3 and still having a freak out about most things....but i feel that now that i am in it, i shouldn't go back.....blasted potty training!!! thank you for your thoughts and advice. he does have a chart to put stars on and he gets candy every other time and if he tells me he needs to go, he gets two candies no matter what...and i need to get some kind of incentive for a whole day without pooping or peeing in your pants...probably some kind of tractor/"worker man" tool. that's what he calls construction workers..."worker man" pretty funny. okay, i probably should take him to the bathroom because it's been 15 minutes since the last time and i think avery finally cried herself to sleep...after about an hour i think....oh, i need a vacation:)



the sound of silence...

i feel a song coming on...

both my children are asleep right now and i am knocking on some kind of wood that i just typed that "out loud." i am actually not a superstitious person in general but when it comes to my kids and sleeping, i totally am. really weird. don't talk about it if they are asleep because they WILL wake up. from deep in thier subconscious they hear us typing and talking about it right now....very scary:)

so my house looks like it blew up still. i am finding that the recovery of my brain and cleaning abilities (and my on-timeness, as anyone will tell you who has waited for me to get somewhere)after the second blessed child, is lacking. i cannot seem to get or keep my house straight, although to my credit we did just move and there is always a window of time after that where it looks like hud. but really, i just had to do some numbers for my calling at church (my job for those of you who may not be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and i had to call a lot of people and have them calling me and emailing me and i seriously had an email from someone right in my inbox that said the answer to my question and i still called them and bugged them AGAIN! why, jen, why do you do it?

because i may have lost my memory when avery was born. that is the only thing i can come up with. i do feel, though, that i *might* finally be getting the hang of two children, getting them fed, dressed, diapers changed, out the door etc. but as soon as i say that i will be struck down, i know it:) (my superstitiousness again) i'm just saying, it seems to me to be a little bit more difficult for me to "get my act together" as it were. i am getting a shower most days, a vast improvement i am sure for anyone having to sit near me:) and i guess the rest will come with time and shouldn't be hard on myself. after all we did just move...right???? right??? right.

i really enjoyed this post on the virtues of savers and other such stores, because i am actually a thrift store addict. my sister erin actually has that gift that Mariley was talking about. hers is not just thrift store knowledge though, it is a gift that is supremely honed and very precise. she can actually feel it when a store in her vicinity is going to have a sale. she calls it the "shopping spirit," and i believe in that gift she has. it is uncanny. the things she finds at her DI in Utah are RIDICULOUS! seriously, very expensive clothes and shoes for not much. it's amazing. i like to think i have my own little understanding with Savers but sometimes i go there and NOTHING. but sometimes....i find way cute stuff...books, clothes...etc. it is so satisfying. it is like unearthing a treasure. i am by no means a shopper in the traditional sense of the word, but "treasure hunting" now that's something different!

on a related note, kendall recently discovered the world of Craigslist. we had gotten a couple of really nice things off there, avery's carseat and two bases, a double stroller that looks new..etc. but now we were in the market for a car because kendall has to drive to work everyday in the summer and i need a car with the kids so the plan was to find something 4 door for me and offspring and for kendall to drive Alice (our honda...yes she has a name. she's been a treasured friend of our family for a while now), to Phoenix and back everyday. Bless her, because if she makes it, she will receive blessings in car heaven! so today, we bought a toyota corolla..pictures to come. i am excited. new to us, but not new, it's a 98, white, but very clean and well-taken care of. this opens up so many possibilities, namely not having to bend myself in half when i put my children into their carseats. i'm stoked.