happy anniversary...

yesterday was our anniversary...5 years! time flies when you are having fun, and finishing undergrads and two kids and halfway through law school....and i love it. ALL of it:) especially my cute husband. love you kendall!

(our engagement pic....i was having a great picture day that day!)


We Wish You a Merry Christmas....

and a happy new year! we are back, but i bet you didn't know we were even gone, because A) i've been MIA on the blog and B) we didn't even know we were leaving until we left, almost! Kendall was always going to be gone to go see his brother be married in Nauvoo, IL but the plan was for Ethan, Avery and I to stay by ourselves for 5 days with no reinforcements and no breaks and no one to see, because most of our friends are out of town and ....and ...the closer we got to doing that the more it sounded like i did not want to be within 10 feet of a situation like that and then my sister erin decided she was going to visit my mom with her girls (sans Gabriel husband) and we got a check in the mail from some fortuitous thing kendall did (a fellowship at school...it was a scholarship check technically) that would pay for almost all of our last minute tickets and then we booked them and went! So we went to be with my mom and dad (sans Kendall) and it was a lot of fun. I forgot my camera but erin got some good ones and she's going to send them to me so i can share....hint hint, erin, send that CD whenever you have a minute:)

so my mom has cancer, i don't know if you guys knew this but she's been having chemo for about 3 months and she is seriously, THE cutest bald person i have ever seen. if you've got to be bald, and you've got to have chemo, you might as well be as cute as my mama! seriously, cute!

the kids were good, ethan loved playing with dellah and ruby (cousins) and Avery stole everyone's heart, because how could you not love a baby and i got to be with the fam, which is always fantastic!

but i do want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and we love you all!


new pictures...

here are some recent pictures. we are having a good time with the cooler weather!

the future....

it's almost a cinch that ethan and avery and any other future children will need glasses because both kendall and i have astigmatisms. so maybe this is a peek as to what ethan might look like when he's older with glasses....(these are kendall's glasses that ethan has on now!)