that JUST happened...

these were taken at the beginning of february...

blake is four months old. i am amazed. he is 1/3 of a year! how does this happen? i am mourning his tiny tiny babyness and he's still small people! but tomorrow he has his four month check so i am aiming for him to weigh 12 or 13 lbs. that's my goal:)we'll see, i'll let you know.
i am making chocolate chip cookies for a friend who's birthday is tomorrow and i just decided to eat some dough. awesome, it's really good:)

just checking in...we are doing well...just making it but having fun:)
here are the bags i made for valentine's day that i never posted for finally....

ethan had a preschool program this month and it was so cute. they sang winter songs and he was so excited i couldn't get a picture of him standing still so pardon the blurriness..
avery got in on the cookies afterward...smart girl!

and yolanda...i'm working on that better picture for you:) Fin is mostly only here at night so i have to try to get one during the day sometime on saturdays....cause you know i am not getting up early in the morning, before kendall leaves, for that. i mean i love you and all but dang...


i really like these books...

so shannon hale is a really good writer, in my opinion. i really enjoyed goose girl when i read it (who recommended that one first? was it a book club book?). then i went on to read the others that were out at the time, Enna Burning and River Secrets. i just really liked the way she wrote them, and how the characters continued on, just like you wish they would when you finish one good book. The story lines are great and i really suggest you read them.

well then i was online a while ago and looked up shannon hale to see if she had written any other books. turns out that she wrote a fourth "Bayern" book ...

forest born. i put in a request for it at the library ages ago and forgot i had done it, it had been so long. then it finally came in for me. i digested that one in about a day. (nursing REALLY ups my reading time:))i really liked it! good job shannon hale! so if you need a good read, i suggest these books. they are fast reads and really engaging. Also by her, Austenland, which i thought was great.


the car...

we have to take a moment of silence for our friend Alice. she was my first car. she is a 1990 honda accord and used to be a kind of champagne color...now she's just sunbaked:) she's carried a ladder on top of her when kendall did his painting business. she hauled us many miles. she took ethan everywhere when he was a tiny baby. alice we love you and we will miss you tremendously. your oil leak and your bad brakes make it a necessity that we get kendall a different ride to work. we love you and thank you.

meet Fin. he's an infiniti and he has come to live at our house. he is a nice car and will be very dependable. we are very happy that kendall has something that is more reliable to get to work. welcome to the family Fin.


phone internet..

hanging out with daddy

an interesting development in our household. kendall got a blackberry for work and it turns out it was cheaper to get a data plan on my phone as well (which is definitely NOT a blackberry) so now i have internet on my little slide phone. it's fun but not totally user friendly. but it'll do. for the last week or so though it didn't work and i got all the way through the prompts on the help line at sprint before i found out that i can't call on the phone i have a question about. have to use a different one. awesome and i didn't write down the number to call from that different phone so that was a delay until i had time again to sit down and go through the prompts etc. then i did and our house phone (which isn't worth spit) decided to die after being off the charger for 4.3 minutes. but in listening to the prompts (yet again, when i called on the house phone) it said try turning the phone off and on again and see what transpires. so i did. and it fixed itself. the internet works again on it. how weird is technology?

we did our taxes early! wahoo!!! i am excited but not as excited as kendall who has earmarked that money to replace alice. alice is our honda, my first car, and she's a 1990. she is a trooper but you now have to push extremely hard on the brake to get it to come to a complete stop, she has a pretty substantial oil leak and one tail lamp is out. none of which we want to fix because, sad as it is to say, she's on her way out the door. i'll let you know what the lawyer decides to buy:)

the kids are doing well. ethan has entered a new stage and level of teasing his sister which i just can't abide, so we have to crack down on that. blake continues to be probably the sweetest human being i have ever met. i just want to kiss his head all day. and really, i spend a lot of my "down time" employed in that operation:) really. what a doll. i just love him. i guess that's a good thing:):) mamas gotta love their babies. avery is looking way more grown up recently to me than should be allowed and i picked up ethan the other day after not having done so recently and was surprised by how heavy he seemed. they are growing up. it's a good thing but i am feeling the pull of the little child-ness of them slipping away. good and bad. i love them small. well they'll always be small but young is what i mean:)

made some valentines for ethan's little preschool class, but they got out the door before i could take a picture of them. they were little felt bags. i love felt. man, it's so easy to work with it should be on the top of everyone's list! i'll try to make another few and take a pic because i really did like how they turned out.

crazy kids!
she actually sat on the stairs to "read the newspaper" she told me! what a girl.

this child, true to his family heritage, has HUGE amounts of gas but is *usually* able to work it out. contrary to the laws of physics he blew up the front of his diaper, it was quite amazing.


his and hers

fingerpainting and just painting in general are really big at our house! it's funny to watch them do it too! ethan has never liked being messy and avery is a whole hog kind of girl. so this is a his and hers version of fingerpainting....



and whether it's a girl and boy thing, or a first born and second born thing or a 4 year old and 2 year old thing...it's still funny and cute:)