Give Thanks...

we are so thankful for all we have and for all our friends and family!

we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


more pictures of blake...

sorry to not have posted this sooner but i just love all the pictures that my talented friend alacey took of blake a couple of weeks ago! they are so cute and i am so happy she was able to fit us in her busy busy schedule!


i saw it...

and i liked it a lot!!! so much better than the first i thought. and my requirement for the wolves being AWESOME was totally fulfilled. i was so happy about that. because seriously, if you have the opportunity to have horse-sized, awesome wolves in a movie and you DON'T do it up right...what kind of silly person are you????? but i thought it was done well, the volturi were good, dakota fanning kind of scary, red contacts done well, jasper still weird, hair to poofy, bella and edward still don't smile enough for me but this one is definitely more of a depressing story line than the first so that might be expected...all in all, a good flick i thought.



avery is in love with fruit snacks. she is addicted to them. for the sake of this little conversation, she usually has one package a day sometimes two...


a: "can i have fruit snack?"
me: "avery, you've already had two fruit snacks today."
a: "i want three!"

seriously??? amazing:) i am amazed everyday.


pictures of blake

taken by the lovely and talented alacey! these are just a sneak peek! so cute, if i do say so myself:)



i forgot how many newborn diapers you change in one day...i still don't have a hard number, it's a lot:)

i forgot what it's like to have a 2 year old adjusting to not being the youngest anymore. avery has certainly hit her stride as far as "terrible twos" go and adjusting to blake on top of that seems to be proving difficult for her. let us hope she can get by on her cuteness for a while...i think she will:)

ethan is not having as much trouble but some. yesterday was avery's day to be hideous, today seems to be ethan's...at least they are switching off.

blake is a good baby. he eats well, he sleeps well (i didn't just type that, please don't jinx myself!!!) and he sure is cute! we will have some cute pictures (like all of them aren't cute but you know) after tomorrow because our good friend alacey is going to take some newborn shots of him, i'll share when i have them:)

on the whole we are doing well. just doing the normal adjustment and of course sometimes i act as the human waterspout because my hormones are CRAZY and i laugh and cry at the same time sometimes. confuses the kids a lot:)


take a deep breath....

my mom just left today. it's always a little sad when mom leaves. then it means i'm the only mom here! but we are doing well. thanks so much for coming mom!!! we love you! ethan just couldn't understand why nana sharon couldn't stay longer...we love you tons!!!!!


we are home...

the kids met blake for the first time today and it seemed to go well. here's to a good tomorrow too:)

blake's delivery went really well. i was induced on halloween and it went quickly, which i was grateful for! he was born at 3:15 pm and i have felt really good. this is by far the best i've felt after a birth so i am very happy with that. and only 3 pushes!!! yahoo!!!! we are just settling back in and enjoying our little man...he's still so sleepy:) the kids are trying their hardest not to maul him, they like him so much. it's very sweet. onward and upward!