Where The Wild Things Are....

Wow, i am actually really interested and excited about this movie, i love the book and so does ethan. i hope it's cool for little kids too!!!!


New Fabrics...

hey-lo! i have some new fabrics over here and for some unknown reason they are not "speaking" to me and telling me what they want to be made into....if anyone has any ideas, that would be fun:) or if you want something made out of one of those fabrics, let me know!



we were saying to ethan in the car tonight (coming home from the Bass Pro Shop that we frequent because the kids love it...have we ever bought anything? no and we call it "the fishing store") i digress...we were coming home from "the fishing store" and saying we were going to go to nana and papa's house to see them for a little bit. he said, "is katie going to be there?" (katie is his aunt). i said, "i don't know, bud, sometimes katie has to go to work" to which he replied, "well i think she's going to be there because katie always loves me!" so sweet. yes ethan, she, and the rest of us, always love you!


doctor visit...

so i took avery to the doc this morning, another oral and maxilofacial guy. he was very nice but apparently avery gets lock jaw around any dentist type person so i had to kind of facilitate her opening her mouth (read: pry her mouth open) but only a couple of times.
here's how it went....

dr: "so what are we seeing avery for today?"
me: "she has a mucous seal or something on the inside of her bottom lip"
dr: "okay let's have a look at it"
me: trying to fold avery's lip down..."see?"
dr: "oh yeah, i see it. can i see her top teeth?"
me: (thinking that's kind of funny...) "yeah" pry avery's mouth open
dr: "does she suck on her lip at all?"
me: now i'm mystified..."hmmm...i don't really know..." i look at avery and what is she doing????

sucking on her bottom lip, people!

i had never noticed that before and lo and behold she did it while we were at the office...how often does that happen? amazing.

so the long and short of it is, she has been sucking her bottom lip up into the small gap she has in her two front teeth, thus creating a small pocket of scar tissue on her lower lip. doesn't need to be removed right away and he wants to wait until she is a year older for two reasons: 1. she will not be traumatized and 2. she can realize she not supposed to suck on her lip (which would, of course, give us the same result).

interesting little habit she's developed. i think she does it when she's nervous or tired, if she doesn't have the binky in her mouth.

something to think about


Seussical The Musical!

Last night we went to see Seussical the Musical at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix. It was put on by the Valley Youth Theater and man, it was really good! I was amazed! There were 54 kids, that's A LOT but they all did a great job and some of their voices were astounding! The kid who played the Cat in the Hat had boundless energy, he did a wonderful job! I highly recommend going to see it, i really really enjoyed it!


The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Actually a young adult book I believe, but it's won the Newberry and it's quite a good book. Apparently it parallels The Jungle Book, which I have never read before, but probably should...this book is a good read. And quick as well. I really enjoyed the author's style of writing, each chapter is like a mini-story...also a take from The Jungle Book, I believe. Anyway, if you are looking for a new book to read, I liked this one. Neil Gaiman is also the author of Coraline, now of silver screen fame. The Wiki article I read said that they wanted to make a movie out of this one as well and had a director even....maybe I'll read Coraline...I haven't seen the movie, have you????


kitchen table...

i need a new one. a kitchen table. the one we have now was given to us (bless kendall's grandparents (who helped us haul it) and their friends who gave it to us, free of charge) so beggars can't be choosers...but this table has grooves in it. at first thought, this was a nice decorative thing right? wrong. it's IMPOSSIBLE to keep it clean with two small children. i would have to go over the grooves EVERY night with a toothbrush to keep it clean, and let's be honest...i'm not THAT diligent. so when we move i need a new table. or just a new to me table. i don't need to go buy one from the store; garage sales, craigslist...really i'm open to anything, it just has to be big enough! so i'm on the hunt for a new (to me) table. if you see anything...let me know, i am totally open to staining/painting/sanding etc.

my kids are in love with otter pops. it's not even that hot outside but they adore them. they have to eat two each at least at a sitting. crazy. they are sugary goodness.

ethan has been super helpful with avery, it is so sweet. he is all the time wanting to help her. we were coming back in from our surprise (the city in AZ, not as in "Surprise!") trip on friday and she needed to take her shoes off but can't do it herself and neither parent could help so ethan sat right down on the floor with her and helped her and then got her to put her shoes in the basket, without being told. it's just so sweet! love those kids!

avery is saying a million things. everyday there is something new and i am so excited about it! it's awesome to watch/hear:)

lastly...i made a nursing cover for a friend's sister and she wanted brown binding on it which is fine...but it is reminding me how HARD using binding is and how i maybe should take that option off of my website because 'dang! it's not the quickest way for me since i have to rip it out and start over now....cause my stitches are crooked! yuck!


ethan picasso

one of ethan's favorite things lately is painting. he has some watercolors and he likes those, he has some fingerpaints and those are always a hit but the thing he loves to do lately is paint with my paints and a sponge brush. he wants to do it all day, but it's a little hard on avery because she is just not old enough to a) do that and b) not want to put the brush in her mouth or c) paint her hair. so we do it maybe 2-3 times a day. a couple of days ago, this is what happened. he said he wanted to do a handprint, so i thought, that's cool, we've done that before, he'll be fine. but then apparently he just wanted to do some body art. i stopped him before it got silly:) budding little artist. he always tells me what what they are...mostly some kind of ant or bug, that day it was a transformer.


car seat canopy covers...updated...

whew...now they really are all done and that is what the pink one looks like with the bows (thanks so much alacey). what an ordeal with the ink mishap (see two posts down). there is a light spot on the pink one where i was scrubbing out permanent marker....i say that's better than marker...hopefully the recipient feels the same! i think they turned out well. they are weighted in the corners to avoid any blowing/shifting in the wind.



this product may have saved my sanity today (see previous post). i called the friend in the ward (jen larsen) and asked her opinion on how her sister would feel when i tell her this thing has a huge marker mark on it...she said come over and let's try some simple green. it took a good half hour of scrubbing with a tooth brush and rinsing but lo and behold, 8000 million times better. it still faint faintly there but i am satisfied that it is fine and she is too. i'll take it! whew!


i am actually horrified. i am making these custom car seat canopy covers (say that five times fast) for a sister of a friend in my ward (i am praying she is not reading this) and avery, somehow, got a marker. a blue marker. she NEVER has access to makers.


but today she found one and i took it away from her in what i thought was a prompt manner. apprently not prompt enough. she had time to swipe the marker once down the almost middle of this so close to being completed thing... the mark is like 10 inches long.

i want to throw up.

did i mention the marker is permanent...insult to injury. i've tried spray and wash, rubbing alcohol, soap, hairspray, lots of water in between....oh man...this totally sucks, now it's purple.