blow out...

so, last week Thursday, i took kendall to school because he had missed the time the bus would come and wanted to get there quicker than waiting for the next bus and the bus ride so...the kids and i took him to school, which is fine, we all like to drive, for at least short distances. on this particular day, Avery had not pooped, and hadn't pooped the day before, so i knew something was coming, because, let's face it, stuff's gotta come out, right?

so kendall and ethan went into the school building to get something and were coming right back out and traditionally, while Avery is sitting in her carseat she'll have gas and/or poop, so i waited for it. and it came. and it sounded pretty big. have i mentioned that Avery is really a gassy baby? well, she is. so she pooped and I, for one, felt good about that. but then she kept on going, having big gas and pooping some more. and then i got kind of scared because, while I usually bring some version of extra clothes, i had not that day and felt unprepared for what awaited me when i changed her diaper. judging by the sound of it, it was quite large so i was sure we were going to need a new onsie and told kendall as much. we were on our way to an ASU bookstore, so we decided we would buy her an ASU something, since she has none. so i took her to the bathroom and took her out of her carseat and immediately turned her over to survey the damage...not as bad as i thought, actually, just a little bit of yellow soaking through her shirt above her pants...get a new onsie and problem is solved. right?

in theory.

i turned her over to put her on the changing pad and noticed that the legs of her jeans were a little darker than i remembered...oh NO! i attempted to check what i was getting myself into, and saw, to my horror that she had blown out of her diaper leg holes, in the front, all the way down her pant legs, basically. pockets down, full of poop.

allow me to say, GROSS. so now we have poop on the onsie, poop on the pants and, i discovered after i took her pants off, poop on her socks, from trying to get her jeans off. poor baby, but let me tell you, she was so much happier! it was pretty cute, she was laughing while i cleaned her off. and if you can say you pretty much gave your daughter a bath with baby wipes on the changing pad on the floor of "the College Store" bathroom, you are definitely inducted into Parenthood.

so what did we do when she had no clean clothes...i put a new diaper on (had plenty of those) and put her in her carseat, covered with a blanket, all tucked in so it was harder to tell she was naked. then i went out to check on the buying new clothes situation, but all the sizes were hugely too big, so we found out where the nearest target/walmart was, and it turns on there was an OLD NAVY there and because i had a gift card, we went there and bought some clothes on sale and put them on her in the parking lot so she wouldn't freeze.

and a fun time was had by all. quite an adventurous day:)


mmhamblin said...

Why does that always happen when you're not prepared? Avery just wanted some new clothes. Girls will do anything to get new clothes!

Erika said...

I love it!!! So funny. She's taking solid foods, too right so it was a solid food blow out as opposed to a nursing blowout?
I'm not looking forward to those types :-) I've heard they're stinkier too.

luke and briton alo said...

Oh man...I've been there, except at the BYU Bookstore. Why can't they put changing tables in ALL bathrooms?

Jackie said...

I'm laughing my head off about Avery "freezing" in AZ. I know, I know, 50 degrees is a cold front. Yeah, I had that happen when I was taking MIa on an airplane, without a change of clothes in the carry-on--stupid Mom. So, she was naked wrapped up in a blanket as I carried her on the plane in the middle of last winter. Boy did I get some "helpful" advice then from strangers. ;)