how things are going...

things are going well. i am currently trying to figure out what to pack now, and what we can't live without until next tuesday when we will get the keys to our new (to us) 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. we are bursting at the seams in this 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house and need a change. so we are happy to be moving but all the same, i'm a little overwhelmed at where to start. one drawer, one closet at a time, i guess!

other than that, things are good.

avery crying update: that situation has gotten much better, i am happy to say! (please let me not be up all night tonight!) it seems we had to have quite a rough time for about a week and now she knows what our routine means and most of the time (sometimes she still isn't tired enough etc.) but most of the time she will settle in, with minimal fuss. a couple times with no fuss at all! it is going well!

ethan is very into pretending he is an animal, a tractor etc. and anytime he is doing said pretending, and you talk to him, it goes something like this

me: "ethan will you please eat your lunch?"
him: "no mommy, you say, tractor, please eat your lunch"
me: "little tractor, please eat your lunch"
him: "okay mommy tractor, i'll eat my lunch"

eating commences.

during these pretend times, everyone is a tractor (or whatever he is pretending to be) there's a daddy tractor, a mommy tractor, an avery tractor etc. very cute!

we've been getting some rain here and ethan loves it. i have a feeling if we actually lived in WA where our family lives and he was there ALL the time in the rain he wouldn't love it but because it is novel...he does. he also loves to wear his jacket with a hood. he won't wear another jacket, just the one with the hood. sometimes he wants to wear it in the house...go figure.

avery has mastered rolling from her back to her front, but hasn't quite got front to back rolling yet. but i imagine that will come quickly. the rolling from back to front actually happened, not this past sunday but the one before that, in church! pretty funny! and of course we couldn't make as big of a deal about it as we wanted to, so we sat in class, clapping silently for her and telling her what a good job she did in a barely audible whisper, i'm pretty sure she was nonplussed about our celebration...like come on people, i'm partially mobile let's have some noise!!


mmhamblin said...

I'm glad the sleeping is going better! I'm sure it will get even better when she is settled in her own room in the new house!

rachel said...

Jen let me know if you want Ethan to come and play while you pack. Good for Avery!! on rolling. She'll be running before you know it. Enjoy the good (rolling over) life while you can!

Mariley Johnson said...

I thought you were moving out out until i read further. I was going to be suprised to just learn about a move. An extra room and bathroom will be a welcome change I am sure. Very cute mommy tractor! Glad Avery is settling in.

Cuddlydoll said...

Are you staying on the campus or moving somewhere else?

Your blog is cute!


Jackie said...

Dallin does that pretend thing the exact same way. We have circulated through probably close to 20 different people/things all in one day. Some days it's quite hard to keep up. Glad things are going better with Avey. Good luck with the move.

ASU's history dept is recruiting Nate pretty heavily this week. Different profs from the dept kept calling him all week. That's exciting...we'll see what comes of it. I'm tired of being cold, that's for sure. Although, it was in the fifties today and sunny all day with minimal wind. That was amazing!