trip to the ER

well, avery made her first trip to the ER on tuesday...i was washing her hair earlier that morning and noticed her soft spot was kind of bulging and called my mom, kendall's mom, the dr.'s office, to have them call me back...and so we made an appointment to see a different doctor (mine was on vacation...seems like they are always on vacation when you need them huh?) and when avery and i went to see the doctor, he was like, "wow, i've never seen a child with a bulging fontenel and no other symptoms...like fever etc. because that would be meningitis" the short of what he said was, you should go to the ER right now! so we went. kendall met us there as well as his mom and we waited. all told we were there for almost 5 hours. she saw a doc. and he was skeptical and wanted to send us home to "watch" what happens, i told him i wasn't comfortable with that and so we did a CAT scan. which by the way, have you ever had to strap a 7 month old girl down to have a CAT scan? sad business people. then we waited some more. then we got called back and the doctor told us the CAT scan was normal...so go home, and if there are any drastic changes in behavior, size of the bulge etc. come back. okay, so now we are following up with our regular doctor (back from vacation) today and while it is still bulging...i don't know what to think about it. it is definitely abnormal but she hasn't had any other symptoms....so we will see what the doctor says today. wish us luck!


Lacey said...

How scary for you Jen! It's especially frustrating when someone just tells you to "watch it!" How nervewrecking!
Hope all continues to be normal and Avery keeps feeling good!

Mariley Johnson said...

It's funny that Mark is going to be a doctor, because I really feel like doctors don't do a whole lot for you!
Good luck and keep us posted.

mmhamblin said...

Wow Jen, I hope everything is alright. What did the Dr. say today? Did you take her back in? At least the cat scan was normal. Let me know what's going on!

Emily said...

Oh, how scary! You seem to be handling it better than I would. Glad to hear the CAT scan was normal!