okay, so anyone who has ventured around me lately has come away with an earful of my woes about finding a round table for our "breakfast nook" or whatever the space is called that i have right now that is empty between the kitchen and living room. i have gone to SOOOOOOO many thrift stores it's amazing. i usually do a few in one outing, i don't want to string it out. so one day,for example, while ethan was at preschool, avery and i went to the goodwill by our old house, the saver's, a salvation army and the goodwill by our new house. then we went to big lots. all in all, over the past 2-3 weeks i have been in probably 12-13 thrift stores, multiple times, trying, in vain to find a table. and i have been searching craigslist about 19 million times a day. a week or so ago i found two chairs that i really liked at the goodwill by our house. they are barrel shaped and green. {$6.99 each}

obviously a fixer upper project but i really like those kind of projects so i was fine with them. then we spend another couple of weeks trying to find 2 more chairs and the all important table...i wanted a round one for our space we have, i thought it would use the space better than a rectangle one. i was even up for a square near the end...but alas, no. i just wanted it to be structurally good...cosmetically i could deal with whatever you know?

then yesterday the kids and i ventured out again to more thrift stores. this time we went tempe way. we went to a saver's and two goodwills and at the last goodwill we found...a table! i think i just stood there in front of it for a minute or two (it had a bunch of stuff on top of it so i wasn't sure what i was seeing) and marveled. i took all the stuff off of it and made sure the top wasn't damaged and that it was sound...and it was. and how much was it???? $20. amazing. then we also found some chairs at that same store for $7.99 a piece. wow. and just like that, the search for a table is over.

now the search for the right colors of paint begin. i will definitely keep you updated as to the "after" of this project. now on to find a dresser for blake....

and as to my motivation post a few days ago...i decided today to use a nursing cover that i made and really liked for my shop, it's gray with tiny orange and light blue shapes that make circles, and i finished a sling for myself from fabric i already had to go in the shop as well. it's nice to have that stuff on hand so i don't have to run out and find things i like...i already have a locker full of things i like:):) so just the quiet books are left on that list...but as we just saw in this post, this week is all about the table and chairs, baby!


Mariley Johnson said...

i love the table and love the green chairs! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

rachel said...

YAY for finding thingS you need at Goodwill. I so often find things I don't REALLY need, but love anyway. SO Props to ya!