happy belated new year..

happy new year 6 days in!!! i finally got a 2010 calendar today, i feel good about that. it's has jungle animals for each month...hey big lots only has a limited supply guys! and for $1.50, you are happy with it!

we are doing well. each day it seems i feel more real, if that makes sense. having a baby really does change everything. i mean everything. my molecules feel differently than they did before:) even though he is baby three. each time i change. i am light years away from where i was when ethan was born and that is an interesting thing to think about, for me. i guess i am growing up...wow...

christmas eve 2009

another grown up thing we may accomplish in 2010 is homeownership! we contacted a realtor, met with her last night, going to see a house tomorrow...that seems really weird. you mean i won't be renting for the rest of my life? it's a huge blessing. that's what it is.

what else? new year's resolutions? not really. i am just not going to expect much of myself and then i won't be let down but just nicely surprised:) i intend to keep walking everyday, i really want to keep showering everyday and making my bed. other than that, i would REALLY like to get my pictures in a safe and secure saved media. i am thinking of saving them by years on dvd or cd. has anyone does this? it isn't hard right? i just keep thinking, what if the computer gets a weird bug and our whole "picture history" is gone forever. i would be sick about that.

he's holding on for dear life...not really, he just likes to hold on:)

also, let's call a spade a spade and just say that i am not a scrapbooker. there are some people who can do that and it looks amazing and you want to eat it, it looks so good. that's not me. i am crafty. i like to make things but scrapbooking is not it for me. i have the stuff, just not the flair. i attempted with ethan to pretend i was one but i got to almost a year for him and then we moved and then i haven't done anymore. avery has a book to put pages in and i have lots of girl themed papers etc. but nothing done and blake doesn't have a book. you see how this is degenerating right. because i don't have a passion for it. documenting things yes, we have journals, and i want to get pictures printed and put them in albums with little comments but not in a scrapbook with all the bells and whistles. so now the kicker...since i have already done some for ethan do i do the same amount for avery and blake and then do the albums or do i ditch the "trying-to-do-the-same-for-all" idea and just do the pics in albums? what is your opinion?

look at me mom!

so that's really all that's new with us. we just keep plugging along and i haven't sewn much lately, which i need to do regularly to feel more real...i'll get to that later i think:) i still have an unfinished table on my back porch...need to find a sander..anyone have one?:)

happy new year people, may 2010 be a great one for you and yours!


Amelia and Justin said...

I don't know about the whole scrapbooking thing. My sister did the "try to keep up with what she did for the other ones" and it took her a long time to get caught up.

As for the pictures on DVD thing...DO IT! We do it every once in a while, and then we stick the DVDs in our "Grab this in an emergency" file (it has important docs in it). It is worth it. We've had a computer crash that wiped out some of our pictures...and we learned our lesson. We also back up our pictures online and on an external hard drive (we're a little fanatical about saving things). So that's my novel.

Sew Much Ado said...

I am with you on scrapbooking, just not my thing. Happy new year to you though, and congrats on looking at houses, one day maybe we'll get to do that too!

rachel said...

I have been thinking about this also. We have this handy dandy hard drive that I have things saved to but I think I am going with the dvd thing as well. The scrapbooks, I know. I am feeling this. I keep wondering if and when my children are of age if they will even care? I have a very similar situation with the first year for Hunter, Benson and then Kimball's is in digital format on our desktop. So don't feel alone in this.I do hope to have the time and resources to just print out Kimball's and have the first year for all of them? I figure they have the opportunity to be grateful for whatever I can get together for them:) Congrats on House hunting!! YAY!!

Mariley Johnson said...

I've got a sander. Won't help you much though.
I like your goals for the year. I think I'll add them to my nonexistent list!
Happy New Year!

peachytiffers said...

k, we have a sander. it's small, but we use it for everything we need. i also freaked out about my pictures after the flash drive i was storing them in got ruined by jj and a friend at the computer. we fixed it but i was convinced that i needed to do something else. we bought an external hard drive and it has one terabite so it should be able to hold everything i have. I still want to put them on flash drives and then send them to my family in other states for safe keeping. i also thought i woudl want to scrapbook, but i just am not one. I am a crafter, not a scrapbooker. AT ALL! one thing I AM going to do though and swear by is Heritage Makers. It's a company that allows you to digitally scrapbook and even though it is pricey, it is way worth it to me. They have premade layouts and in the end are hard back and bound. They also keep them on record so if my stuff ever gets destroyed, it will be saved on their databases. I do organize my pics by year and month. I was doing it by people and trips, but it got too out of hand. I personally have a hard time with the cds thing because they can get cracked and i don't think they hold enough, and you have to re burn them everytime. That's why i did a flash drive. this was super long, but just wanted to help. Yea for showering daily! You're way ahead of me in that area! :)

peachytiffers said...

oh, i forgot to say that i had a friend who scanned all of her scrapbooks pages, printed them with heritage makers, and then threw them away. i wouldn't feel obligated to do scrapbooks for each of the kids, but that might help if you wanted to.

Cami said...

I feel the same way about scrapbooking. It would be totally overwhelming to me to even attempt to scrapbook. I have attempted a few times (before I was even married) and I am BAD at it! Digital scrapbooking is more fun for me - it is a little more forgiving and if you don't like how the page turns out it is easy as can be to change it totally. This is still very time consuming though. I am glad to hear you are doing well - I miss seeing you!

mmhamblin said...

I don't scrapbook and I don't feel bad one bit. I just don't enjoy it. I think someday i'll do a baby's first year book for all of my kids, but that's it. My mom did half of my little kid pictures and now she has about 6 giant photo albums that she wants me to take, and I really don't have anywhere to put them! I didn't know about the house! How exciting! What area are you looking in?

Lacey said...

Coming from a scrapbooker- I don't do it because I feel obligated....and I don't do it to keep things even....and I don't do it for my girls. I do it for me. And I'm way behind, and Elodie will always have more pages than Addysen because you just get busier with each kid. It's like any other hobby, do it for fun and you'll enjoy it. If you try and keep up you never will and it will just make you frustrated!

Congrats on the house- how exciting. And as for the pictures- we back up once a month. I have the girls pictures year to year for each of them. At the end of the year, I burn them onto a dvd and store it away. So they have a dvd for each year.

H.Cook said...

happy new year to you too, you are so cute!