we had a great time this easter! conference and easter on the same day was a lot of fun...i just love listening to conference and getting to spend that time on easter was really special.

blake took a little snooze in the sling.

ethan and blake had matching shirts...so cute! the kids looked adorable in the clothes from their nana...Thank you Nana Kara!!!

i thought it was slightly shameful that ethan was going to be five this year and had NEVER DYED EGGS before! whoa...that needed to be remedied fast! avery dyed some too and a good time was had by all!

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Jackie said...

Yeah, Dallin hadn't ever dyed eggs either until this year. Mia did it in preschool and raved about it, so, of course, we had to do it at home, but why hadn't I thought of that sooner? ;)Avery sure looks grown up in that picture!