the bug stayed...

so the kids were throwing up on Memorial Day and then i thought we were done but on Friday...it came to me! YUCK! but i would so much rather it be me than Blake so i guess i can be grateful (so far) for that. this seemed to linger longer than the last time i had something similar (which wasn't that long ago, come on!) i am just today beginning to feel mostly better. when i get hungry i feel ill again...it's a process yeah?

anyway...still no camera, mostly because i don't want to have to fork over the cash for it...they are expensive...i don't want to get a cheapy one just to have it be poor quality or break or something. but nor do i need an uber expensive one...just middle of the road but good quality you know? anyway, i need to get one soon... i am missing some really funny things:)

this week i am doing a class at a church meeting teaching how to sew a reusable grocery/shopping bag...and i am cutting the material (which is thrifted sheets) and i need to go do that...but thought i would check in here :):)

as a sidenote: we made our first successful trip to the pool today (me and the three munchkins by myself!) and i think it went well overall (thanks ladies for helping me watch the kids!) and avery celebrated afterward by saying, "Hey mom, no one drowned at the pool! i didn't drowned!"

yes avery, that is a good day! can you guess what our conversation on the way TO the pool was about?:)

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rachel said...

I love it when we go to the pool and no one drowns!! I hope you get over the yuckiness so soon. No one is happy when mama is sick. Well wishes.