crafts and other stuff...

i have been putting together some craftiness for a group of ladies in my ward for about a year now...we just did our Halloween crafts and that marks 1 year that i have been doing it and it's so fun! these are some of the crafts we did this time...

these blocks turned out so cute, and the letters are a printable from Poppies at Play! so nice of her to make that available!

the block pumpkins i've just been seeing around and they turned out cute and are super quick...the spiders were a last year craft we did (find the tutorial for them here)

the inspiration for these guys came from here, but i made up all my pattern pieces for them etc.
those halloween goodies are helping us celebrate in style this year:) so fun. we all love halloween and it helps that Blake's birthday is Halloween too:) in other news...

we have another "sling baby" he likes the sling a lot. and i like to use it because it leaves my hands free. it's especially helpful at the grocery store! when he puts his hands like this he looks like a squirrel or something:) so cute!

(Translation: From Ethan To Sister Butler)
 ethan is a writing and reading machine! and i love that he is sounding words out and writing what he hears, it's so fun to figure out what he's trying to say! i like this note a lot. he writes notes to everyone. we had some ladies over to do crafts a couple days this week and one of the days one of the kids (Crew, who is so sweet) konked Blake on the head with a car (there might have been some provocation there) and ethan wrote this note in response to that incident.
 (Translation: Do not let Crew do that again. no no no! p.s. no)

the P.S. part is probably my favorite!
Blake is such a ham, he wants his picture taken anytime and this is generally what i get! so cute though. avery in her dollar store tiara...very pretty!

ethan had a "hilarious hat" day at school one day, so we made a hat with jokes on it...hey it was the best i could come up with!  ahhhh...kindergarten. gotta love it!


rachel said...

k, I am totally copying the block crafts. . .LOVE'em. The whole note writing thing melts my heart. They know it does to. I find them next to really huge messes and I can't be mad!!

Lacey said...

I love your crafts! I want to do the mummy etc now! So fun! and the halloween blocks turned out great! I can't believe it's Blake's birthday again! Big 2! Holy cow!! It feels like yesterday we came to the hospital to meet him!

love you!

Marisa said...

Super cute crafts! Sorry I missed this one, but MY baby doesn't like the sling, so I have to hold him the whole time which = 0 crafting time. Anyway, my prayers are with you and Christian for the surgery tomorrow.