look what i made!

hey have you guys ever used picnik? well, i'd used it before, but then i saw this tutorial on how to make printable signs with picnik and i thought i'd give it a whirl...but don't fall in love if you do use it...it's going away april 19th...merging with Google + i think.  anyway...i made these today, just for fun and because i kind of really love the movie Tangled and because i definitely believe it's never too late to be what you might have been (thanks George Eliot) (click on them to see them bigger)

yes, they all say the same thing but i got carried away making color changes and i liked thema ll so i couldn't pick a favorite:)

linking up with tatertots and jello!!!


rachel said...

I have never used it but how cool! Love all the colors too and Love that movie and that song. I am obsessed with sea green lately. I don't know. It's a fettish I think.

The Wendelschafer's said...

Love that website!! Super cute!! Good work!!

Amanda said...

Very cute! We love that movie too!