i love green...

i love green. i really do. i should have a pinterest page just for green. and i've never really had a lot of St. Patrick's day decorations...does this make sense to anyone? no! so this year i got inspired with all the rainbows paired with green shamrocks that i'd seen around...so here's some of what i did....
my seasonal shelf...the sticks are the long ends of paint sticks that we cut off of for the turkey heads of this craft (that's my version of the turkey, scroll down in that post to find her).
i saw an idea online with wide boards painted rainbow behind things and so decided to do my own take. the LUCK is a wood cut out i ordered from Pick Your Plum (LOVE them), the shamrock picks and hanging shamrocks are just felt i cut out. i have A LOT of green felt left over from Christmas.
more shamrocks, this time in a banner form, the printable is from here and the large shamrock is again an order from Pick Your Plum...we did them for an impromptu (kind of) craft group, guess what we covered them with? Napkins!!! so fun, simple, economical...i am looking at napkins now where ever I go! just don't make my first mistake, remember to peel the white back off the napkin and THEN cut out the design to be mod podged on...i didn't the first time..it wasn't pretty:)
 wreath for the front door (wrapped a dollar store green foam wreath in muslin strips and then wrapped the colored strips...gluing beginning and end of the strip with hot glue. then i attached the shamrocks)

pretty much anything in my house that could have some shamrock bunting draped from it...does.  this mirror, my bulletin board.  i have one more project in mind that i want to do...a la Brian Regan seriously, listen to this clip from YouTube...funny man.  also, if you never have delved into his comedy, look on YouTube and put in Brian Regan (pop tarts, emergency room, little league, walked on the moon...it's all funny)


Lacey said...

So cute!! I love it all! I have a few more things I want to do too! And the more I do the more I love this holiday!

I loved all that stuff from pick my plum but didn't order any of it...bummer. Wish I had now!

Great job! And I can't wait to see you guys either!

rachel said...

I really love those white vases with all the cool colors around them. Very cool!

Audrey said...

Cute Jen and I have a RS activity coming up where I may have to pick your brain for cheap rainbow inspiration.