Meet our New Friends...

the kids have been earning paper fish in a large poster board fishbowl for a while, by being good at church....and when they arrived at 10 paper fish then we told them we would buy them some real fish.  so last night, we did.

the tank we bought

 blake's fish elmo..of course:)

 Ethan's fish Jack

avery's fish Abby (fittingly, she's the smallest of the fish)

another picture to illustrate the different colors the tank can turn...the kids have it on a setting where it rotates through all the colors.

they love them. they cluster around the fish and just stare at them and talk to them. "play" with them, as they call it. i just hope the tank doesn't get knocked off the counter!  our first adventure in "pets" :):)


rachel said...

That's great. I hope they love them. So fun!

Marisa said...

So much fun! You really went all out with the tank. I love it! And I love the fishy names. What fun!