Avery was blessed on September 30th, by her father, and it was a beautiful blessing, if i say so myself:) we didn't get very good pictures of her, because by the time we got home to take some (kendall's dad was ordained a high priest right after her blessing so we hurried to that building to get that done and didn't have time between to take pictures) she was at her wit's end, and hungry so here is what i have for now...we are going to take some pictures of her in the dress sometime this week, hopefully:)


brooke said...

that last picture makes me laugh. She's a cute girl! I didn't take Ainsley's pictures until she was three or four months old (she was blessed at one month). I was just so busy and trying to get used to being a mom of two, it just happened that way. Good job getting some of her that day. I didn't get any!

Great Aunt Shauna said...

What an angel!! She is beautiful and no matter when you take the pictures whether day of or days after they will be a treasure to all you share with. Thank you for sharing her special day!