No News...

You know that saying, "No News is Good News"? I understand what that means, but I am at a place in my life where there's no news...meaning there's not much new and exciting going on, things happen and I think..."what could I write about that?" and I never can think of something interesting enough to actually put into cyberspace...weird.

so you moms out there...what do you do with your kids during the day? We have hit a slump in our regular activities...they are too regular and not active enough apparently. so what are some fun things you do during the day?

we are doing well...just trying to get used to each other, as always, just when i think i have got a handle on something it changes...we changed yesterday after i was telling my mom that maybe i was feeling a little more comfortable...i spoke too soon:) it's fine really, i just need to remember that all little people change at the speed of light and that's life, and life is good.

send those ideas on over of things you do during the day...we need some new inspiration!!!!


Lacey said...

Elodie and I have been spending alot of time outside....sidewalk chalk, bubbles, her bike...and yesterday we brought her library books outside to read...that was fun and with the weather as nice as it is it makes me a little happier too!

We've been doing walks to the mailbox too..E. looks forward to those as she loves to walk Ginger!

We should plan another mall trip..that was so much fun!

JenW said...

we definitely should! thanks for the ideas lacey, i just get stuck in a rut sometimes:) need new stuff:)

Melissa said...

My boys both love play dough. We do that several times a week. I have a recipe for it that's easy and makes a ton. Then, I bought some little plastic animals for about a dollar at walmart and they love to make caves and all kinds of things with the play dough for the animals. One of their favorite things is to get out all of our little people and set up a town. Then we play and play.

brooke said...

What do we do? We are kind of in the same spot you are. It's just an adjustment having two instead of one. Especially with what ages they both are. Both a little too young to understand the other :)

I just bought Isaac LOTS of games and puzzles (but they are for christmas) hoping that will help. Games like ants in your pants, hungry hungry hippo. He LOVES playing games.

We try to do an art project every day. . . "school" where we talk about a letter or number and then do a project to go along with it. For example we did the letter A and then painted a picture of an apple and then made applesauce together.

We like being outside too, but with a young baby it isn't always easy.

Good luck. If you get any good ideas let me know!