poor baby...

okay, so ethan is on an antibiotic and we think all is going well. then he didn't eat much at lunch. he's okay, i thought. then he took a 2 1/2 hour nap...red flag mom, why didn't i see this coming? then we go out to dinner with his mom and dad and brother who is here from out of town, and he doesn't eat again, really, and is very very sad/cranky/clingy/any other adjective of sickness...still not getting it, then he falls asleep in the car and wakes up about 3 minutes from our house crying and i say, "ethan do you feel sick" the answer is a resounding yes accompanied by THROW UP again. that poor car seat. my poor son. what is going on with the children in our ward? seriously, they are all being taken down by this thing...it's like the bug that wouldn't die. and now it's the weekend and where do you take him on a weekend? the answer, no where if he's not throwing up all the time, then wait until monday and take him in...no church for us on sunday...that would just be infecting more innocent children...

just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....dun dun dun (dramatic music here).

maybe, friends that we hang out with, we just have to keep ourselves and our children at home until we are reasonably sure no one is sick anymore...but i thought he was over it, so how do you tell? this is sure a tricky bug. any suggestions?

we are back on the gatorade bus tomorrow...no food for ethan...that is so sad. hope you all are well, that were sick and i hope he gets well soon, too!

*As a Sidenote (in honor of audrey's awesome sidenoted post) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALACEY!(NOVEMBER 3)*


Audrey said...

So sorry about this junk. I'm hoping that my kids don't come down with it again!

Lacey said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Jen! Sad to hear about Ethan!! Hopefully it goes by pretty fast and he can bounce back from this! It just goes to show that we all hang out way too much!! Our kids suffer! Hee! Hee!

Elise said...

Hey Jenny, I just wanted to tell you about this AWESOME blog.
My friend Rocehelle has a freind who has wanted to create her own magazine for women in the church. This is the begining stages... as for now it will just be a blog and the first issue came out today. I just thought about you when I was reading it. Have a great week and I hope Ethan gets better, I know my sister Tiffany is going through the same thing with Gunner.
Love you