we may be in the process of saying goodbye to a cherised friend. this friend has calmed us and protected us, helped us feel better about ourselves and frankly, fixed most of our problems.

it is our friend, the nap.

ethan is making his wishes clear lately that no napping will be in his future soon. i am, however, introducing him to a new friend, called Quiet Time. they don't get along too well yet, but hopefully with time, Quiet Time can ease the passing of our beloved friend, the nap.

while our friend the nap is not gone yet, we want to say thank you for all of the wonderful hours and refreshing dreams we've spent together. we will never forget you. another resident of our house, avery, will continue to have a close relationship with our friend the nap for a while longer, we all hope.

so this might be ethan and mommy, saying goodbye. (possibly depending on the day) thank you, precious friend nap, we love you and whenever you leave us, we will feel it acutely.


Jackie said...

Quiet time is a dear friend in our house. Dallin actually says it's his "favorite time of the day." Good luck!

Bethanne said...

Yeah, Leah decided to stop having naps at 20 months! I could've died. So quiet time is a must...we set her alarm clock and let her play until the alarm goes off. She loves it though (now)...The random days that she doesn't want quiet time though, I remind her that she only has 2 choices: a nap or quiet time. Guess which one she picks?!

Anonymous said...

I am also completely on board with "Quiet Time". It can be the greatest time of my day! Puzzles & books are only allowed. But I do agree giving up the "Nap" is SO hard to do!

Emily said...

Oh! It is soooo hard to say goodbye to that friend. I with Mari though, "quiet time" is a lifesaver!

Melissa said...

So sad! I remember when Jacob gave it up. He was still sooo tired though. I was able to do a nap every other day for awhile. Then, we just had to bump up the bed time! Luckily, Isaac needs more sleep than anybody in the whole world and is still asking to lay down for his 2-3 hour nap every afternoon! I don't know if he'll ever give it up! I hope not!