hey, well...i'm finally feeling better, whew! that was NOT good, some kind of nasty gastrointestinal nastiness which if i talk about too loudly will probably come back to bite me again...so enough said. and now i feel almost normal.

today was spent digging ourselves out of a vacation and mom being sick for many days in a row...laundry, mountains of laundry and sweeping/swiffering/mopping the floors and thinking of cleaning the bathrooms, but not doing it and doing many dishes and the like. a doctor's appointment as well, for the little avery. and when i say little, i mean LITTLE! she weighs in at a whopping 17lbs. 6oz (5%) but is, astonishingly, in the 90% for length..weird. she is 30.5 inches long. and her head is like middle of the road so she's all good:) but the doc said not to turn her forward facing in the car yet...we are having some dissention in the ranks here about whether to turn or not to turn...we'll see.

as a recap..we went Sedona and stayed for one night at a hotel and woke up to this:

wonderful views.
we explored Sedona and stayed at a cozy little cabin in Oak Creek Canyon.

the temperatures up there were very awesome, even getting chilly and almost cold at night. it was great! ethan loved playing outside the cabin in the woods and near the creek with kendall. we went on walks and went to the Red Rock National Forest park and walked around and had fun. Avery had her first birthday while we were there, on the 12th, Happy Birthday Avery, on which day she started clapping, shaking her head "no" (for yes or no) and also doing something that looks like clasping her hands in prayer, when we say we are going to have a prayer. pretty cute!

she also had some ice cream for the first time, and she loved it, as you can see:)

we ate at a little place called Red Planet Diner, where ethan threw up because he didn't like his food...all over me. gross!!!!!!!!! then i got sick on wednesday and haven't felt really better until today. awesome, but the trip was lots of fun.

we got back on thursday and friday our AC fan burnt out, and when i say burnt out i mean, it smelled like it was ON FIRE....but it wasn't it just smelled that way. so we went to kendall's parents' house until the guy could come and fix it the next morning. so it's been an eventful week and a half. and now we are back.


Melissa said...

I'm glad your feeling better! Sounds like your trip was fun!

Lacey said...

I didn't know you were sick! That stinks! Glad you guys had a great little vacation! Happy late birthday little Avers! She is a little tiny thing! Elodie was the same way...18 pounds at one year..but we turned her...it made everyone's life a lot easier once that happened!

Audrey said...

Glad you're home. We missed you!