busy day...

i can feel that this is going to be a rambling post...bear with me. i'll probably throw some pictures of the kids in, just to spice it up:)

so today was like the busiest day ever. and i loved it. i really like having some structure to my day and feeling like i can "check things off" my invisible list that i have, that i had to basically give up or modify once i had children. i no longer had a daily list...it was more of a what can i get done this week list. because with a tiny baby, really any stage of kid, it's a little bit hard to get done everything you could get done by yourself. we know this. so today was a day where i had a lot to do, and it ALL absolutely HAD to be done TODAY! and it got done. and none of the children are the worse for wear. so good.

so i made this bag last night and it basically rocks...if i say so myself. it is SOOOO cute. too bad i gave it away before i could take a picture of it. i am planning to at least make one for me. it's dark blue denim that has white stripes and the inside is a light, bright green with a while pattern on it and it only has one strap, going from front to back (or back to front...work that one out huh?) and on the front i put a felt flower that was probably 4-5 inches across and it was FUSCHIA! and it was roomy, with boxed corners. cute! i'll make another so you can see it:)

so avery does this "hmm mmmm" thing, when she wants to say yes, she doesn't say "yes" she says "hmm mmm" you know like "uh huh" just with her mouth closed. it's pretty cute.

ethan got to watch kung fu panda tonight at a church function while i socialized with some lovely ladies, he is in love with that movie.

what else??? pictures of the kids...

have i mentioned how much i love tortilla chips...it's a lot. they are pretty much my favorite chip.

are you guys making presents for christmas at all? if so, what? i need ideas!!!!


Mariley Johnson said...

the christmas present dilemma.
One year Mark and I worked our hearts out making these elaborate home-made gifts for Christmas and I get the feeling nobody appreciated them for what they were worth. It was like, Oh, you MADE this? Why didn't you just buy me something. Probably not really how they felt, but anyway. No more hand-made gifts from me. So, I have nothing for gift ideas.

Trent and Amber said...

Hey busy busy girl! Did you get my email? I outlined a bunch of stuff I'm doing, I hope you got it, it was long and i don't want to rewrite it! :) Did you see Twilight??????