the cell phone...

i am realizing how many ways i use my cell phone these days.
not only does it:
-store telephone numbers
but it can store other important info. as well.
not only does it:
-have a calculator
but it has a TIP CALCULATOR...invaluable.
not only does it:
-have an LED light that allows you to see who is calling you in the dark
but that light can also be used as a flashlight when trying to go into the room where your daughter is currently asleep.
not only does it:
-have a special ring you can assign to each person
but you can also have a dance party with your children because of all the sounds it makes.
not only does it:
-act as a watch
but it also has that cool airplane mode thingy
and last but not least:
it makes my children happy because they pretend they are calling handy manny, bob the builder and grandma sharon (kara, kay, papa kyle, lewi and jerry) all in one day!

and it's not even an iPhone, it doesn't have a touch screen, or take pictures...that's a whole different post.
i am very thankful for my phone!


Audrey said...

I just love your clever sense of humor! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Erika said...

Ha Ha. I have used my cell phone for every one of those things and love it for them.
Merry Christmas!

rachel said...

Merry Christmas Jen!! I am so thankful for mine to!! When it has a charge...

jenn said...

what a coincidence--we've been calling handy manny on my cell phone, too!