in our house, i hear this a lot..."i don't want to take a nap mommy, i just want to have quiet time..." riiiiiiight, like little man is actually going to sit there for an hour, being quiet. i tell him, every single time he says this, "you know, quiet time is just as long as a nap, at least an hour, so you might as well go to sleep anyway..." we go back and forth for a while. and then he eventually falls asleep.

keep that in mind.

kendall is home today...he is basically done with his work at school, which is loads of fun. i said to him, "why don't you take a nap?" i think he shot back, "why don't YOU take a nap?" funny. then we were talking and he said, "okay, see ya" and i went and looked for him about 15 minutes later....and where is he?????

taking a nap.

wonder where ethan gets it? i don't wonder anymore:)

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Heather said...

ha. that is just like our house! silly boys!