my kids are watching my friends tigger and pooh....at first i was against this show on principle. there is no christopher robin people.....it's a little girl named darby. she's cute but what about christopher robin? are we trying to reach a different demographic by having a girl be their problem-solving friend? maybe. does it work? i don't know. my kids like it just the same as they would if she wasn't a girl, i am sure.

i have been reading a book called Street Gang by Michael Davis what is that about, you might ask? acutally, it's a complete history of Sesame Street. This show is near and dear to my heart. i love sesame street and my kids really like it too. it's cool to experience the show as a child and then with your children. reading about it has been interesting too. it took, sadly, about 120 pages for me to really get into it though. because the author spent a lot of time telling the backstory of A LOT of people before it ever got to the actual beginning of sesame street. it was probably necessary, but it was a little slow for me to tell the truth. but now we're clicking along and it's due back at the library by the 3rd...tomorrow, so i gotta get moving here. i was on the waiting list for it for a LONG time so i do want to finish it. did you know that the lyrics to the Sesame Street song were a rough draft? they intended to change them but never had time. funny huh? and oscar used to be orange. the same guy who does big bird also does oscar (Caroll Spinney). Jim Henson (before his death, obviously) did Kermit and Ernie (and others i am sure). Frank Oz (who also does Miss Piggy) did Grover, Bert and someone else....can't remember. the same guy who does elmo (kevin clash, he is a large black man...you wouldn't guess it from elmo though, huh?), also does Hoots the owl...pretty awesome! it's really interesting to me to find out how sesame street came to be. so overall i really do like the book.

in other news, i made, quite possible one of my favorite slings the other day. (Kim, this one is for Kim your SIL). It was kind of funny because the fabric she picked they don't carry anymore (gasp) so i had to call her and tell her we would have to wing it and she was super nice and let me take some creative license with it:) i do hope she likes it. the pink is the pocket and is one of my new favorite fabrics now:)

so cute:)

and it's finally happening. our dishes are getting the 7 year itch i guess. i was eating cereal out of this bowl yesterday morning and saw some milk on the floor and surmised it must have been from one of the children....then my hand was wet and i found this lovely crack in my bowl!



Mariley Johnson said...

we are hitting that point with our dishes too. I find a new chip after every wash.

Lacey said...

LOve the sling!

I got our dishes at the dollar store long before Chris and I got married and they are still going strong. Just a thought as we heart the dollar store!

rachel said...

That is a great pattern on the sling! I love it! That dish thing, it's happening here too. Not in mid bite but it's happening. Now when you get new ones we are going to have to see what they look like because those blue flowers are cute!