same old same old...

okay so i don't have anything really huge going on in my house. just thought i'd check in and say hey.


why does it seem like Christian Bale can't make a bad movie these days? his stock is WAY up. i mean, batman? come on, amazing. the prestige was awesome. (also a good read, very twisty and a little scary) now he's doing this terminator thing, i almost want to go see it because he's so good. almost.

we recently watched the x-men movies, in preparation for the origins movie. i liked them. i was actually one of those kids that watched the cartoon x-men a lot when growing up...so it didn't surprise me i liked them:) little known facts of jen.

i am getting my haircut next week. very excited about this! i'll post pictures when it happens. and there may be color as well. awesome!

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