12:06 am: Friday: August 21

(allow me pontificate a moment)

technically it is friday, since it is past midnight. i can't sleep. we are moving. one day here is what we have left, effectively. it seems amazing that you can live in a place and then, in the course of a week or so, pack it all up and put it somewhere else and now you live...there. it is a good change. i am glad we are moving now and not any later...i have enough contractions as it is and moving with an infant is not what i wish either so the timing is good. as old as this house is, with the bugs, concrete walls, tiled floor that reminds me of a hosptial only harder to clean...we will miss what we have been in this house. we completed law school in this house, avery learned to crawl and walk in this house (not in that order:)) and so many other memories that i am glad we had. i know the kids will not really remember these years where daddy went to school and we lived in the houses out here "on base" but i will. i have enjoyed being here, even though it wasn't easy much of the time. thank you house. we have loved being sheltered. i will be grateful for the time we have spent here, especially in our ward and making friends. now...face forward...and on to new adventures! (but hopefully some sleep before the children wake us up:))


Mariley Johnson said...

You know what, I miss our house on "the base" ALL THE TIME! But how can that be when i have upgraded in every sense of the word? I just do! I miss the memories. I miss the neighborhod. I miss our ward too.
But, we are very happy here and sooooo glad that we got to live there as long as we did.

peachytiffers said...

That's a sweet post. I think I will have a really hard time leaving once we do. Our family has only been here, it is what made us a family, but moving on is so exciting too, so I'm sure I'll be able to do it. It's always the weirdest to see new people in the houses and think, "that's not your house, that's the Wilson's!" It will never be the same! happy moving!

Lacey said...

It's funny how when your there all you want to do is leave...but then when it is time to leave, your sad to leave. Just goes to show how wishy washy we are humans can be!

It's nice to know that you can take the memories with you. And that's the most important part! I know that in 10 years the school years will be something I miss and want to relive. It's helping me live in the moment and not so much "10 years from now!"

A new adventure is very exciting and will bring with it it's own challenges! Good luck!

Liz Engstrom said...

I have to add, Moving is an adventure in itself and I'm glad we all get to experience change, sometime along our way. But it is sad sometimes to leave behind the things we come to love in hard time moving on to the next stages in life. So be glad for the memories I know I am.
Jen, great to be able to keep in touch with you through your blog. That's exciting to here you got a house.
And thing are continually moving forward for us taking it a day at a time.

Trent and Amber said...

Aw, what a sweet post. I liked that. Good luck with the big move, I've done it several times pregnant and am glad not to have to this time around! Congrats making it past 30 weeks too! Awesome milestone for you. :)