57m 24s

that's how long i was on the phone for reporting changes for our insurance today...whew, not bad actually. i have waited much longer before:) of course we couldn't report the new house yet because we don't live there yet...so that's in the works so to speak:)

some of our rooms are starting to develop the resounding "hollow" sound that these concrete walled-tiled floor-no curtains on the windows-houses get when you move in or out. it's a good sound to hear. it means i am making progress even if i feel like i am moving through jello:) it's hard for me to have help packing, i am a little haphazard when it comes to packing it up. i think i will be able to use help cleaning (next week) and moving stuff into the other house...for anyone who wants to know such things:)

we are approaching 30 weeks with little blake man...this is always an auspicious event for me because i was born at 30 weeks so i always feel like i have REALLY accomplished something when i reach this point. so yay...not that anyone has ever been early...on the contrary we tend the other way...but it's good to pass a milestone:)

happy day to you all. i'm pack pack packing away...


Mariley Johnson said...

I would help you clean next week. I really would. But, there's a distance thing working against us.
Good luck!

Lacey said...

Just give me a call when you want me to help you! So exciting! I can't believe you only have 10 weeks left! Crazy!