i forgot how many newborn diapers you change in one day...i still don't have a hard number, it's a lot:)

i forgot what it's like to have a 2 year old adjusting to not being the youngest anymore. avery has certainly hit her stride as far as "terrible twos" go and adjusting to blake on top of that seems to be proving difficult for her. let us hope she can get by on her cuteness for a while...i think she will:)

ethan is not having as much trouble but some. yesterday was avery's day to be hideous, today seems to be ethan's...at least they are switching off.

blake is a good baby. he eats well, he sleeps well (i didn't just type that, please don't jinx myself!!!) and he sure is cute! we will have some cute pictures (like all of them aren't cute but you know) after tomorrow because our good friend alacey is going to take some newborn shots of him, i'll share when i have them:)

on the whole we are doing well. just doing the normal adjustment and of course sometimes i act as the human waterspout because my hormones are CRAZY and i laugh and cry at the same time sometimes. confuses the kids a lot:)


Audrey said...

Always keep those kids guessing. Good idea.

rachel said...

Jen you have a way with words. This entire post, I was going right back to this stage in our life which was almost a year ago. You endure things so well. Keep Moving Forward!! You're going to make it!

Marisa said...

How can it be so hard AND so enjoyable! It makes no sense! But you've done it before and you can do it again. At least you have a gorgeous house to be in this time. Just don't spend all your "free" time cleaning it. Rest and make your man clean up. Hope to see you soon!

Liz Engstrom said...

Hey jen, I hope you don't jinx yourself either. I know I did when ever I posted on how well dwayne was doing... I really have to be careful now (or so I think)...keeping things a little more broad than specific:)
Anyway, your a great mom and I know you can get through. I also know you do a great job in serving others and sometimes that is the key in helping lift our spirits, even if it's a simple smile to some one we know:) Take care