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hanging out with daddy

an interesting development in our household. kendall got a blackberry for work and it turns out it was cheaper to get a data plan on my phone as well (which is definitely NOT a blackberry) so now i have internet on my little slide phone. it's fun but not totally user friendly. but it'll do. for the last week or so though it didn't work and i got all the way through the prompts on the help line at sprint before i found out that i can't call on the phone i have a question about. have to use a different one. awesome and i didn't write down the number to call from that different phone so that was a delay until i had time again to sit down and go through the prompts etc. then i did and our house phone (which isn't worth spit) decided to die after being off the charger for 4.3 minutes. but in listening to the prompts (yet again, when i called on the house phone) it said try turning the phone off and on again and see what transpires. so i did. and it fixed itself. the internet works again on it. how weird is technology?

we did our taxes early! wahoo!!! i am excited but not as excited as kendall who has earmarked that money to replace alice. alice is our honda, my first car, and she's a 1990. she is a trooper but you now have to push extremely hard on the brake to get it to come to a complete stop, she has a pretty substantial oil leak and one tail lamp is out. none of which we want to fix because, sad as it is to say, she's on her way out the door. i'll let you know what the lawyer decides to buy:)

the kids are doing well. ethan has entered a new stage and level of teasing his sister which i just can't abide, so we have to crack down on that. blake continues to be probably the sweetest human being i have ever met. i just want to kiss his head all day. and really, i spend a lot of my "down time" employed in that operation:) really. what a doll. i just love him. i guess that's a good thing:):) mamas gotta love their babies. avery is looking way more grown up recently to me than should be allowed and i picked up ethan the other day after not having done so recently and was surprised by how heavy he seemed. they are growing up. it's a good thing but i am feeling the pull of the little child-ness of them slipping away. good and bad. i love them small. well they'll always be small but young is what i mean:)

made some valentines for ethan's little preschool class, but they got out the door before i could take a picture of them. they were little felt bags. i love felt. man, it's so easy to work with it should be on the top of everyone's list! i'll try to make another few and take a pic because i really did like how they turned out.

crazy kids!
she actually sat on the stairs to "read the newspaper" she told me! what a girl.

this child, true to his family heritage, has HUGE amounts of gas but is *usually* able to work it out. contrary to the laws of physics he blew up the front of his diaper, it was quite amazing.


Hansonpatch said...

What a handsome group of boys, and Avery is very grown up looking. She is becoming more and more beautiful. Having the sweetest baby boy is not that surpirising when his mom is so kind to everyone. That Honda is probably the best manufactured one in existence!

rachel said...

Cool! internet plus a phone. I don't know if I dare enter that world. Colby just said his final thank yous to Alice as well. He did ride in her on occasion. YAY!! for taxes!Those little ones are darling and siblings. . .you can really tell awesome siblings!

Melissa said...

Yea for a new car!