he's practically sprinting there...

{name that comedian!}

anyway, i just had this crazy realization. actually i have this realization everyday, multiple times and it is this...

my children are growing up.

they are far too big.

what is going on?

my baby is almost 5 months old people, 5 months! my life is on fast forward...i don't want to miss it!

i really do feel that i am doing better with blake at really appreciating what is going on and living in his babyhood with him. today he totally got the hang of tummy time and raised his little head high up and looked at me. as if to say, ha! told you i could! tomorrow i am sure he will roll over. he tried to roll from back to front the other day and that's harder than tummy to back. oh little man, stay little a while longer my love!

avery is far too cute and big for her britches. seriously she's going to need an entirely new wardrobe for summer...nothing will still fit. amazing.

ethan is smart and funny and saying things like, "actually mom, she ate everything on her plate!" or giving his siblings encouragement..."good job blaker, you are such a big boy" "avery you did that really well, good job" and he loves it when blake laughs or smiles at him and honestly, the baby LOVES ethan, just loves him. to pieces. it's so cute to watch.

here is friend nikki with blake. keep keeping on nik, andrew is a lucky boy to have a mom like you!

for those of you who might care...here is blake's crib set all put together.

the back of the quilt/blanket
the interior of the crib...

the whole enchilada!

blake: sitting in the bumbo for the first time this week.

blake: pushing that head up!

why am i still awake? must sleep! happy st. patty's day tomorrow!


Mariley Johnson said...

Cute cute bedding!!!

Colby said...

AWW! I love the bedding well done!!I better go join Kimball in his toddlerhood. He is standing on the kitchen table. Thanks for the reminder to live in this sweet world because it passes quickly!

Nikki said...

I love you! I love your kids. Thanks for the shout out. You are such a good mom!

Katie Anne said...

JIM GAFFIGAN!!!! I named the Comedian! "He's going to Hell in 2 religions...He's practically sprinting!" HAHAHAHAHA