the reunion was really great. we went to WA on wednesday and it rained and rained but i loved it! i miss all that rain to be honest! kendall, however, does not miss it, but i love it:) so we spent the days leading up to friday just getting ready and going to the fair that was going on in Puyallup. blake was a total trooper and really traveled well. he was fascinated with long sleeves and long pants, though! that was really funny to me...he kept plucking at his pajamas and pants, and couldn't figure out the socks! too cute:)
This was outside the restaurant Steamers...almost to Gig Harbor...AWESOME bread bowl clam chowder! loved it! (definitely NOT my best moment here in this picture..yikes!)

This was outside the Goodwill (where we found a sweet Hawaiian shirt for one of the funny awards we gave away) but the irony of the sign is that it was raining...shorts and tank tops 40% off??? awesome.

This is outside of our high school...love those rams!

kendall was lucky enough to be standing near this GINORMOUS pumpkin (weighed almost 800lbs) and was asked to help rotate and tip it up so the guy could carve it...awesome!

isn't it just beautiful? i think it is!

blake at the fair...he was just a bit grumpy that day, doesn't he look cute? those are some of my favorite pants that ethan wore...love them!

we made a nest for him on the other bed in our hotel room...a couple of days after we'd been there i could hear him waking up from his nap but i didn't go over, i just wanted to see what he would do and he didn't disappoint...he put his arm straight up in the air (he was still laying down in his "nest") and started waving. he did this twice before he rolled over and peeked out and that was this picture...

for the actual reunion we had it at a place called The Varsity Grill in Tacoma. Nice place, upstairs, lots of tables, we had a slide show, music, funny awards, good food, and great friends! it was so good to see those people again! there were quite a few that i wish had come but have moved farther away so maybe we can hook up with them later!

our good friend mandy, i just love that girl! she is so sweet and one of those people that you just pick right back up with after so long! she's wonderful!

a whole slew of wonderful people! we all look like grown up versions of our high school selves...pretty funny really:)

so all in all, a great trip! my parents were wonderful taking care of the kids, they had a blast! we had to detox avery though when we came back...apparently nana sharon (my mom)let her sneak some sips of diet coke...and probably ethan too...whew...but we've switched her to root beer and she's done well:)

they gave blaker a name tag...so cute. that sweet child slept through almost the entire reunion and we didn't go back to the hotel until 12:30 am and then he went to sleep at the hotel...bless him!

longest post EVER i know but this has to be said:

obviously the best thing i took away from high school was kendall and his family, now my family. (here pictured with our good friend, Joe) i met kendall the summer before 10th grade and we became good friends and then started dating in junior year. kendall has a wonderful sister, kate, that i think is awesome, a fabulous brother who is married to a wonderful girl elise (who cuts our hair! what will we do when you leave us for UT?) and amazing parents (happy birthday Kara!) not to mention equally fantastic grandparents...to sum up, the family i married into is great, but it all started in high school and i am grateful that i am with him every single day! thank you honey for being my love, then and now:)


Audrey said...

It was so fun to hear about the whole thing. Glad it turned out well and even better that you're back!

Jackie said...

Thanks for posting about the reunion. It helped me sort of live it vicariously through you. I hope I can hit the 20 year... ;)