When company comes to town...

I tend to look at things with a more critical eye you know? my mom and dad came to watch our kids last Tuesday so we could go to our high school reunion (10 years) in Washington State. That was super duper nice of them! I have such great parents! (and in laws, but that's another post:))

This is a project I'd wanted to do for a while but hadn't gotten around to...so I made it a priority knowing my parents were on their way!

I bought a body pillow when I was pregnant with...Blake, I think...it was huge and orange...not super pretty. In fact I never got much use out of it, it didn't really help me that much when sleeping, so it has been in ethan's closet for a while and he drags it out to play camping, or sleepover or whatever.

We recently changed the cover on our futon to a ticking stripe and it definitely needed pillows...enter body pillow makeover!

I cut the body pillow up and made the two longer pillows (sewing the cut edges of the orange pillow together to prevent any stuffing leaking out). What I had left after getting them the size I wanted was bits and strips and pieces...and I was out of time..so the "W" pillow is actually a pillow we previously used but don't any more...I think they turned out really nice. the floral is an old sheet and if anyone sees another one of these sheets at a thrift store or yard sale, please buy it for me and I will pay you back...I ADORE these flowers...for whatever reason they speak to me. I make some reusable shopping bags with the fabric and then wanted to use it here as well.

I finished the backs with an "envelope" style closure and thank heavens for binding because it was so much easier to just sew that on the raw edges than taking the time to finish it otherwise.

Close up of my favorite flowers...they just make me happy...it's a good thing!

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Audrey said...

Great job Jen!!! I want to make some pillows for my couches too.