here we are in our Seuss glory this year..it was a lot of fun to do and the kids loved having blue hair like the "things"

we had a great halloween this year, especially celebrating blake's birthday with family! we had some yummy food, we dressed up and he got to open presents! what's better than that!

aunt elise drew "seuss" themed drawings on the kids' faces (one fish, two fish, red fish,blue fish, green eggs and ham etc.)

we had lots of yummy food...most of which i didn't get a picture of before it got eaten...we baked dinner in a pumpkin (inside is a rice/mushroom/ground beef mixture...very tasty!). we also had "mummy dogs" hot dogs wrapped in cut up crescent rolls like a mummy and baked, "devil" eggs, slivered snakes (green beans), slug sections (sections of baked sweet potatoes) and i labeled all the food with halloween font signs...lots of fun!

opening presents!

nana kara!

our table got dressed up as well! yahoo for halloween!

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Audrey said...

I love all the stuff you did. Way to go!