i am thankful...it isn't the ACTUAL day of thanksgiving as i write this, but i figure gratitude is always a good thing.

i really feel very blessed. we have kendall's family very close and my family just a short plane ride away.

i have really amazing friends that help me feel loved and supported. i am glad to have these people in my life. they definitely inspire me.

i have a wonderful family, my children are well and happy (99.9% of the time).

we have (dare i say it?) almost made it to the finish line of potty training avery....that deserves another post...which i will do. i haven't talked about it before because i am a little superstitious when it comes to talking about things that could bring me bad karma!

i have an amazing husband who is snoozing on the couch at the moment who works so hard and helps so much...and i love him.

i have the gospel in my life and i love it.

i just can't stop thinking that i have been so blessed with so many things. i need to just soak it up!

i am excited for Christmas...and to try to keep blaker from pulling the tree over on himself (which i am quite sure he will try!) yahoo!

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