Bread Bowls..

or bread boules..

i want to buy some, anyone know a good place to get some in my AZ area?


H.Cook said...

Ive heard you can buy them from Panera Bread for a reasonable price. Do you have one nearby?

Amelia Poll said...

We bought them from Fry's. Sometimes you have to special order them from the bakery, but their sourdough bowls were quite good. I believe Safeway had them as well.

Lacey said...

What about that sunflower bakery we went to for Audrey's birthday last year...or was that your birthday... I know they sell them. You should make your own though- take a rhodes loaf, cut it into thirds, let it rise, and VOILA! Bread bowl! ;)

Elise said...

i found some at frys, safeway and sometimes they have them at costco... all in the bakery... good hunting to you