when i bought this table and i told my sister in law (elise) about it, i believe she said something like "how many tables do you need jen?" point well taken:)

i have a pedestal table in the kitchen area...i have the huge black dual pedestal table in the dining room...i have a table for my sewing machine and now i have a cutting table! yahoo!!!

i got this blessed table at DI for $8, it is a BEAST...very heavy. when i mentioned this to kendall he said something like, "everything you like is heavy!" (furniture speaking)

and he's right. the lockers, ridiculously heavy; the black table, very very heavy, even the pedestal table is heavy. The tables are heavy because they are all wood...but i digress!

so the base of this table is metal, the top is particle wood or something covered with...something that breaks off if you try:) so i started by gluing down the part that broke off with E6000 glue (amazing glue!)

and i broke away from tradition in favor of speed this time and i didn't prime and i didn't sand! (gasp!) i know, but it turned out fine.

i used Valspar Spray Paint, Pistachio color. it covered really well and went on very smoothly. i painted the top with chalkboard paint, my plan is to get some of those cool ChalkInk markers and doodle or make notes on it with that...
and this is what it looks like now. i have already used it as my cutting station and it is SO MUCH better than sitting on the floor trying to keep the baby from grabbing my rotary cutter! yay!

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rachel said...

you're amazing!! I love the chalkboard paint idea. Love the look/practicality of this one. No sanding or priming? Nice! You get furniture and Kendall get's more buff:)